Colin Cowherd Offers Health Update Following Hospitalization, Shares About Phone Call with Charles Barkley

by Matthew Wilson

Fox Sports commentator Colin Cowherd has offered an update on his condition. He also revealed a conversation he had with Charles Barkley.

Cowherd had to be hospitalized over Super Bowl weekend after developing a small blood clot in his right lung. Fortunately, the commentator and host of The Herd is on the mend. He promises to be back on audiences’ TV screens soon. He also revealed that Barkley called to check-in on his health.

On Twitter, Cowherd wrote, “Just got one of the best phone calls of my life. It was Charles Barkley, checking on my health. I’m not going to repeat it but he was on speaker and my wife almost spit out her coffee. Thanks to all of you for the thoughtful messages. Back VERY soon.”

Colin Cowherd’s Hospital Scare

Following his brush with death, Cowherd took to social media where he explained his situation. The commentator first realized something was wrong when he developed pain while eating dinner with his wife. The pain quickly became one of the worse sensations that he ever experienced.

Realizing he was in trouble, Cowherd called a friend to take him to the hospital. Quickly rushing to get help, Cowherd began to have breathing problems. The experience terrified the commentator, who described the moments of touch and go. While at the hospital, doctors knocked him out with morphine for the pain.

“It was the most pain I’ve ever been in,” Cowherd said on social media. “It was limiting my breathing. Again, it was scary.”

Cowherd stayed under heavy medication for 16 to 18 hours while a team of doctors attempted to save his life. Fortunately, Cowherd is on the mend. He even got the chance to watch Tom Brady take on Patrick Mahomes during the Super Bowl.

He also thanked all his fans for their messages of support and wellness.

“A quick update. Thanks for all the kind messages,” Cowherd captioned on Instagram. It’s currently unknown when Cowherd will make his return to his usual broadcast position. The commentator is at home resting after his ordeal. But he promised fans they won’t have to wait too long.