Colin Kaepernick Demonstrates Skills to NFL Scouts: ‘Can Help You Win’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jaime Crawford/Getty Images)

At halftime of Michigan football’s spring game, Colin Kaepernick showed off his arm strength and passing skills for NFL scouts. The former 49ers quarterback is still trying to get back into the league despite the difficulty that he’s faced since 2017. Of course, Jim Harbaugh, the head coach at Michigan, coached Kaepernick in San Fransisco. They shared a trip to the Super Bowl during that time.

There were a number of NFL scouts there to see the QB do his thing. It seems that the 34-year-old is still in great shape. He isn’t like most 34-year-old NFL players either, his body has a lot less wear and tear on it than others his age.

Adam Schefter shared some footage from the Big 10 Network showing Kaepernick tossing balls to undrafted players as well as some free agents. Despite meeting these players in the last couple of days, he was able to show off great timing and focus.

Afterward, Colin Kaepernick had some words for the NFL teams in attendance.

“That I can help make you a better team,” the QB said. “I can help you win games. I know right now the situation likely won’t allow me to come in and step into a starting role. [However], I know I’ll be able to work my way to that though and show that very quickly.”

At the end of the day, Kaepernick wants to help a team succeed.

“To the teams that have questions, more than anything I’d say that I’d love to come in for a workout, I’d love to sit down with you and have that conversation about how I can help you be a better team.”

Whether or not a team takes him up on the offer remains to be seen.

Colin Kaepernick Slings Passes for NFL Scouts

The support from Jim Harbaugh has been really good for Colin Kaepernick in his bid to get back into the NFL. His latest move let the scouts in attendance for his Wolverines players take a look at the former 49ers passer. A student group at the University of Michigan, Wolverines Against Racism sponsored the halftime exhibition.

During the small practice, Kaepernick threw short, medium, and long passes to various receivers. Those receivers were undrafted or free agent players also hoping to catch the eye of a scout and land a gig in the league. Kaepernick has participated in workouts like this in the past.

While it seems like a long shot still, the dream is still alive for Kaepernick on the football field. He hopes that a team will take a chance and let him on a roster. From there, anything could happen. The new season is a while away. So, there will be lots of time for decisions to be made about the QB’s future.