Colin Kaepernick and Longtime Girlfriend Nessa Diab Welcome Newborn Baby

by Jonathan Howard

Good news off the field for Colin Kaepernick as he and longtime girlfriend Nessa Diab have welcomed their first newborn. It was “a few weeks ago” when the baby was born. Now, after waiting it out and adjusting to life as parents, the two are ready to welcome their newborn to the world. Or, at least let the world know that they had a baby.

Right now, Kaepernick and Diab are keeping things under wraps. With how controversial dad Colin can be in certain circles, it’s easy to understand why. The activist and professional quarterback has taken a big step in his life, just away from football.

“I thought long and hard about sharing our life changing news today. I decided to do so because today is the first day in a few weeks where I stepped out for work with a new life title – MOM!

“Colin and I welcomed our amazing baby to the world a few weeks ago and we are over the moon with our growing family.”

Diab made an announcement on her Instagram Sunday afternoon.

Diab continued in her post about the life changes the family has been dealing with.

“Recovering after delivery has been a journey (more on that later) and honestly I wasn’t going to share anything because this is sooooo personal to us and I realized I’m a complete mama bear! Colin is the most amazing dad and I’m sooooo grateful that he is by our side for every moment of this journey.”

It sounds like Kaepernick and his girlfriend are adjusting to parenthood just fine.

Colin Kaepernick Becomes a Dad

This is the first time that Colin Kaepernick has welcomed a child into the world. As a first-time dad, it has to be a very exciting time for him. Of course, Kaepernick played six seasons in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, only to be entrenched in drama and controversy following his national anthem protests. So, since his last stint in the NFL, he’s been trying to get back.

Meanwhile, girlfriend Nessa Diab is a TV personality that folks have likely seen on MTV as a host on a variety of shows. She has also had hosting duties on the radio with Hot 97 from time to time.

While it remains to be seen if Kaepernick will be able to get back to the NFL, there are other things more pressing in life. As he becomes more of a family man every day, what is the next step for Kaepernick, and will it be on the football field or elsewhere?