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College Baseball Fan Gets Put on Blast for Taking Foul Ball From Kid

by Daniel Morrison
Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox / Contributor PhotoG/Getty

It’s a childhood dream of many people to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. However, a lot of people don’t grow up, which is exactly what happened when one adult fan stole a foul ball at a college baseball game from a kid.

It happened during a Minnesota-West Virginia college baseball game. A ball was sliced foul onto a lightly crowded area. One child chased the ball but was cut off by an adult who took it and strolled away like that was a perfectly normal thing to do.

You can view the incident, here:

College baseball fans, obviously, weren’t thrilled with this guy. They took to Twitter to voice that displeasure.

Another fan called him a loser.

Meanwhile, others thought he was being pathetic.

West Virginia ended up winning the game 7-4 to finish up a sweep of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Next, the Mountaineers are going on a road trip against Appalachian State where this fan may or may not be in attendance.

Tempers Flare During a College Baseball Game

A college baseball game between Mississippi Valley State and New Orleans ended on two back-to-back horrible strike calls. Really, horrible doesn’t do the call justice, though, and tempers flared following the second one that resulted in a strikeout.

The first call was bad, drawing a reaction. The second call seemed like punishment for reacting to the first bad call. There is no justification for missing a call that badly.

The Southland Conference agreed there is no way to justify that call and suspended the umpire in question indefinitely.