College Football Fans Are Pumped to See Lee Corso Back on ‘College GameDay’

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

For the past three weeks, ESPN‘s “College GameDay” has been devoid of two major things: Lee Corso and headgear picks. But on this — the third Saturday in November — we have both. Corso is back after an extended absence due to a health issue. He’ll make his 67th different headgear pick all-time as “College GameDay” emanates from Bozeman, Montana — the site of Montana State (9-1) vs. Montana (7-3).

Corso picked a rocking atmosphere to return and a chilly one. It’s 3 degrees below zero in Bozeman, but that doesn’t bother Corso.

His return is a welcome one, with many excited to see the 87-year-old back on set.

“Lee Corso making his return to College GameDay against the backdrop of a Montana sunrise,” one Twitter user wrote. “Rece Davis referencing Yellowstone in his opening monologue. The Brawl of Wild and a day full of football on the horizon. Let’s have a day, America.”

Can you say Corso is built different? It’s the coldest “College GameDay” on record and though he did miss three weeks, Corso is still out there. Simply put, don’t ever question his love for the show and college football as a whole.

“It’s currently -3 degrees in Bozeman, Montana and 87 year old Lee Corso is sitting outside in it after being sick the last 3 weeks while I was complaining about 30 degree weather that I was only in a combined 4 minutes yesterday. BUILT DIFFERENT,” another fan wrote.

Lee Corso Feeling Good Ahead of ‘College GameDay’ Return

Just before ‘College GameDay’ went on air, we received an update on Corso’s health courtesy of Kirk Herbstreit.

“I feel good,” Corso told Herbstreit in a video. “I’m good, and looking forward to the show. … I appreciate all the feelings everybody gave me. It was hard for me.”