College Football Fans Do a Double Take After Texas vs. Texas Tech Announcer Nearly Slips Up

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Josh Hedges/Getty Images)

While the ESPN broadcast showed the end of regulation between Texas and Texas Tech, fans had to do a double take due to what they heard from one announcer. The duo of Dave Flemming and Rod Gilmore were in the booth and Fleming is always one for a good line or two during a game. This one had college football fans reacting on social media soon after.

After Texas hit the field goal, an improbable ending to regulation given the 21 seconds they had to make it down the field. When kicker Bert Auburn hit the field goal to send the game to overtime, the crew had to say something. It was Fleming who summarized it.

“And then, Texas pulled one out of their hats,” Flemming said. It sure didn’t sound like that live on air, though. Check it out.

The Texas vs. Texas Tech game was a huge battle between in-state rivals and this announcer knew what he was doing with his clever line, I think. Fleming has a good sense of humor. Thankfully, so do college football fans.

Fans React to ESPN Texas vs. Texas Tech Announcer

What fans (and this Outsider, to be honest) heard from the Texas-Texas Tech announcer was a three-letter word you can’t really say on the TV, at least not in that situation. Viewers seemed to take it in stride.

Here is another recording of the broadcast. You decide, this Twitter user couldn’t. Texas had the magic in regulation, but the rabbit can only be pulled out of the hat once, so to speak.

When you’re watching a football game, things like this can be startling. It’s like hearing someone shout “fire” in public. You have to really sit there and think about it for a second. College football brings out the emotions in folks, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Texas-Texas Tech game announcer cussed on the broadcast.

For Texas, things didn’t get better in overtime. Their opponents were able to force a fumble and take control in overtime. Another field goal kick later, and the Red Raiders were walking away victorious. At least they had those four quarters where they scared Alabama this year.

Texas is back… next year!