College Football Fans Express Concern for ESPN’s Todd McShay During Alabama-Miami Game

by Matthew Memrick

Fans were alarmed by ESPN sideline reporter Todd McShay’s appearance during Saturday’s Alabama-Miami game.

The longtime ESPN broadcaster seemed shaky, holding his microphone. His head seemed to look off into the stands instead of at the camera. He seemed unfocused when talking about the game.

Sports website Saturday Down South and culture website BroBible took notice and compiled fan tweets over the Todd McShay moment.

One fan went back a year to show what McShay looked like in a previous broadcast.

Another fan presumed to know what was going on with McShay, but didn’t offer any photographic proof.

One Facebook user who commented about McShay on a Missouri football fan group said the ESPN analyst looked to “be on prednisone which explains the puffed up face.”

As of 6 p.m. Sunday evening, the sports network has no comment or report on McShay’s appearance from Sunday. McShay also has not commented on social mediums like Facebook or Twitter. Fans reached out to him on his most recent Instagram post and did not get any answers.

Todd McShay Out With Illness Last Season

According to Saturday Down South, Todd McShay left a Wisconsin-Northwestern broadcast last year because of an illness. The following weekend, he returned to the sidelines for his next assignment. 

Considered one of the best in his business, he worked the rest of 2020 without any incident.  

Todd McShay got his start in football as a backup quarterback at the University of Richmond. He worked on the scout team before an injury ended his career.

In 2006, ESPN hired him as a football analyst, going to him for his knack for in-depth scouting information. He’s on several of the network’s programs and often paired with ESPN college football analyst Mel Kiper, Jr.

The sports network lists Todd McShay as the director of College Football Scouting and ESPN Scouts Inc. 

Another TV Anchor Has Issues On Air Like Todd McShay

According to the Marin Independent Journal, a California TV anchor had issues during a recent broadcast.

Over the years, many newscasters like Todd McShay have been caught on TV, struggling to get through their jobs. Some have even suffered strokes or migraines live on air.

KTVU said it took Frank Somerville off the air after a June broadcast. The veteran newsman appeared to have problems reading the Teleprompter and slurred his words. After working for 15 minutes during the broadcast, he left the newsdesk without an explanation. 

The 63-year-old newscaster had been on the air since 1991. He was named a co-anchor for the station’s 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts. According to the Journal, the 10 p.m show had been part of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top-rated newscasts.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Somerville returned to the air on Aug. 6 without explaining his time off the show.

A spokesperson told the paper that Summerville left in May “to focus on his health” and would be welcome to return anytime. That statement drew speculation about his health from many.