College Football Fans Furious After Houston QB Takes Brutal Hit to the Head, Continues Playing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

Some Friday night college football action between Houston and Tulane was going just fine until Cougar QB Clayton Tune took a big hit. Well, honestly the game kept going as planned and nothing really happened after it. However, in the immediate aftermath of the hit, the announcers couldn’t help but mention Tua Tagovailoa and his injury from Thursday night.

College football fans were feeling some type of way after watching the young quarterback take this hit.

In real time it was a nasty hit. And, to be fair, the referee did check on the player and asked him a question or two. A Houston timeout was taken and fans thought this would mean that Tune would be taken out for a play or two. Instead, he went right back onto the field.

Fans Worried about Houston QB

That hit had fans worried on social media. Taking a look around at the reactions, it was clear that folks thought this was a big hit that deserved a second look. Is this just how college football is? Are fans and players too desensitized to these big hits?

There really wasn’t a whole lot done on the Houston sideline for the QB after that play. When he got to the sideline, it was more of a quick check-in so they could draw up a play. I guess it worked, Houston scored on the drive and tied the game 7-7.

Above all else, folks just want players to be safe. We love watching these college kids compete for our favorite teams. But, they have a life beyond football. Fans would rather a player have a good life than win an extra game or two.

Of course, no one knows what Clayton Tune is feeling except for Tune himself. This is just speculation. Still, after the Tua situation this week fans, players, coaches, and officials should all be more aware of these kinds of hits. With a big college football Saturday coming up tomorrow, is this something that we will see throughout the day as though a veil has been lifted?

Let’s all agree to protect players, play the game clean and safe, and have a good time. No reason for people to get hurt for unnecessary reasons.