College Football Fans Roast Clemson After Upsetting Loss to Georgia

by Leanne Stahulak

College football officially kicked off Saturday with a series of games from our favorite schools. But the showdown everyone talked about was Clemson v Georiga, with the Dawgs coming out on top.

The NCAA rankings put Clemson at No. 3 and Georgia at No. 5, giving the Tigers a (supposed) edge over the Bulldogs. But Georgia’s defense really put in the work to stop Clemson’s intimidating offense. The Tigers only scored 3 points to UGA’s 10, which CBS Sports reports is the lowest Clemson’s scored since 2007. Head coach Dabo Swinney started coaching the team in 2008.

According to CBS Sports, Clemson’s new quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei took a beating from Georgia’s defensive line. The Dawgs bombarded him with seven sacks and only allowed him 2 rushing yards. Total. For the whole game.

All in all, sports analysts agree that Clemson’s offensive line needed to step up and take charge. Admittedly, Georgia has one of the best defensive lines in the country, but the Tigers have a tough schedule ahead of them this fall. They’ll need the full power of their offensive line if they want to beat teams like South Carolina and Florida State.

College Football Fans Weigh in On the Georgia v Clemson Upset

Of course, it wouldn’t be college football without the fans showing up in full force. Both Clemson and Georgia fans took to the stands at Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, to cheer on their schools.

But after Georgia upset the Tigers, the Bulldogs fans took to social media to really rib on their opponents. Even ESPN’s official Twitter page had something to say about the monumental game. See their hilarious comparison video for yourself in the tweet below.

ESPN News anchor Peter Burns tweeted something similar, showing how Georgia’s defense just creamed Clemson’s offensive line.

Speaking of the Tiger’s OL, this video really captures how they faced off against Georgia’s defense last night.

Other outlets, like Bleacher Report, posted pictures from the game that really just seemed to sum up the mood in the stadium.

And it wouldn’t be a disappointing upset without the iconic crying Shaq meme. Someone put the meme over Clemson coach Dabo Swinney’s face to represent how he must’ve felt watching the defeat.

Fans who didn’t post pictures or videos still put their thoughts on the game out there, especially Georgia fans calling out Clemson folks.

“Go Dawgs! Defense came to eat tonight!” Georgia fan Damon Notarnicola tweeted.

“Horrible play calling, QB sucks, better luck next year Dabo,” another fan said.

One fan, who hilariously went by the name “Bishop Sycamore Offensive Coordinator”, also shared their thoughts. “Georgia looked God-tier defensively. Clemson looked absolutely lost.”

Even Clemson fans had to acknowledge what happened on the field, no matter how much it hurt.

“I’ll give proper credit to where it’s due. The Georgia defense was lights out. D.J. Uiagalelei, along with the Clemson offense, could not find a way to get past the Dawgs defense other than to find the red zone. Seven sacks is pretty impressive,” one fan put out there.