College Football Fans Up in Arms After ESPN Cuts to Aaron Judge At-Bat… Again

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Another week, another game where Aaron Judge was put into the middle of a college football game and fans still hate it. Imagine that! When fans tune into one game they don’t really feel like watching the game that they aren’t worried about enough to watch. Tulane and Houston were interrupted this Friday night.

Now, call me crazy, but I think any sports fan that is watching the Green Wave and Cougars facing off over the Yankees game is probably doing that intentionally.

It really doesn’t help when the cut-in just shows Aaron Judge getting walked by the Orioles.

To say fans were a little upset would be an understatement. These college football folks were trying to watch this AAC matchup on a Friday night for a good reason! Likely betting related, but still!

Fans Want Less Aaron Judge on Friday Night College Football

Look, when the Vandy account is complaining about Tulane being interrupted you know that it’s serious. This game was so weird with all of the split screens.

In fact, this game was an overtime thriller. When the ESPN broadcast was showing the intentional walk, the Green Wave were well on their way to charging down the field to tie the game up. They would go on to outscore their opponent 6-3 in overtime and advance to a 4-1 record.

This could be a special year for Tulane.

It’s really simple, fans are watching what they want to watch. No need to cut in for an entire game. If Aaron Judge does it, he does it. These Tulane and Houston watchers don’t need to see it happen live. This game actually ended up being really great and it’s a shame some of that was taken away with the cut-ins.

While these check-ins are annoying, they are probably going to continue through the weekend. College football Saturday is tomorrow, and the Yankees play at 1:05 PM. Fans are going to be enduring this for the rest of the season it feels like.

However, with all of the complaints, perhaps not. ESPN might decide to scrap the idea. While that sounds nice, it doesn’t feel like it will actually be true. Buckle up Outsiders, Aaron Judge watch is alive and well and it’s going to be going on as long as he’s on this historic streak.