College Football Fans Want to Change the Channel on Applebee’s ‘Fancy’ Commercial

by Megan Molseed

College football fans are calling for Applebee’s to find something a little less “Fancy.” When the famous neighborhood bar & grill premiered their new commercial a few weeks ago, college football fans were right on it; begging the chain to find a new line of commercials for the season. Or at least give the current one a little bit of a break here and there.

The ad, which features TikTokers showing off some of the app’s most popular dances – all to the Walker Hayes tune “Fancy Like.”

No big deal, right? Sure the song digs in like an earworm prompting anyone who hears it to hum the tune for hours to come. But, it’s just a commercial, how bad could this be? The tune is a catchy one. Makes you kinda tap your toes a bit; maybe it could even inspire some watchers to add a few TikToks to their own account.

However, Applebee’s has decided to go full-force with the “Fancy” campaign; putting their latest “Fancy Like” ads on an extremely heavy rotation during the college football season. And, the football fans weren’t taking a ‘fancy’ to the campaign. The college football fans soon took to Twitter to voice their concern over how long this season would be, hearing the Hayes tune dozens of times each during each Saturday game day.

We Fancy Like Applebee’s

One Twitter user appealed to the restaurant chain, begging Applebee’s to “delete the file.” Even threatening to join another “team” as far as neighborhood restaurants go.

“Stop airing this commercial @Applebees,” pleaded Jason Kirk in a recent Twitter post.

“This is bad engagement,” the college football fan added.

“I used to not think about you, but now I hate you. Stop the bleeding. Delete the file!” Kirk exclaimed. “Every time I hear it I’ll donate to TGI Fridays. Certainly, it will roast in the Fire. Relent! Or I’ll join the Chilis street team”

Another college football fan went with the straightforward route. Stating that this season will be a rough one with the catchy tune coming over the airwaves over, and over again in the Applebee’s ads.

“Not sure I can survive a full season of this singing Applebees commercial…,” SEC Mike wrote in his recent Twitter post; during last week’s game day.

Another Twitter user, who is clearly on SEC Mike’s side when it comes to the new Applebee’s ad responded to Mike with their own version of the unrelenting ad seen regularly during college football games.

The quick clip starts with Hayes’s always recognizable “yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s,” followed by a clip of everyone’s favorite cynical ‘Friend’ Chandler Bing reacting as only Chandler Bing would.

“Shut up, shut up, shut uuup!” he yells in the clip. Yeah, Chandler. We feel you.

I mean, the premise is cute. TikTok dancers getting down to a song celebrating some truly delicious Applebee’s favorites. Maybe the chain can just give it a rest here and there during the college football games? Give the Applebee’s ad a quick peek, it is kind of catchy.

Really, though, we get it. Someone wrote a song about you. Who wouldn’t love it and want to show it off? Maybe college football fans will give it a few more listens if it just wasn’t so out there… nonstop.