College Football: Shocking Pic Shows Blistering Difference Between Temperatures Outside vs. On-Field at Fresno State-UConn Game

by Megan Molseed

Week Zero has officially begun! And, college football fans couldn’t be more ready.

We are certainly ready to start the 2021 NCAA football season as we settle in to watch college football’s “Week 0” matchups. The temperatures, however, are far from zero as the five scheduled college games for today (Saturday, August 28) are facing some sweltering heat.

Of course, the beautiful summer weather gives college football fans the perfect weather to stock the coolers, fire up the grills, and find their perfect tailgating spot. We all know that football season brings a wide range of weather. Starting in the heat of the summer, and ending in the record cold weather in the winter months.

College Football Fans Brave Some Intense Heat During Week Zero

Fans are certainly prepared for the warm days in the bleachers as they cheer on their favorite College Football teams. Still, some are facing a pretty intense day as sweltering heat and humidity take over parts of the country.

A Saturday afternoon Barstool Sports Twitter post highlights the heat fans will be facing during one of the College Football Week Zero match-ups. The post also noted the sweltering heat the players will be facing as they start the 2021 College Football season.

The Twitter post detailed a recent temperature check. The photos were taken shortly before the Fresno State Bulldogs took on the University of Connecticut Huskies Saturday afternoon.

According to the post, fans will be facing some intense heat as they cheer on their Bulldogs and Huskies this weekend.

However, noted the Barstool Sports Twitter post, the temperature check shows a big difference between the heat the fans will be facing and the heat the teams will be facing during the matchup. The temperature difference between the area off of the college football field, and on the field is a jaw-dropping twenty-seven degrees. This is also the difference between temperatures landing in the double digits and triple digits.

According to the post, the temperature off the football field is recorded at a sweltering ninety degrees. Almost unbearable while sitting in the direct sun, for even some of the most hardcore fans! The temperature on the field, however, registers a whopping 117 degrees.

“Casual 27 degree difference on the field,” the Barstool Sports Twitter page joked shortly before the start of the Bulldog-Huskie matchup.

Cooler in the Northeast

One of the photos included in the post notes the temperature in Storrs, Connecticut. The home of the Huskies was a cool 72 degrees. That’s an eighteen-degree difference between what the NCAA football fans are experiencing in Fresno!

This year’s Week Zero starts with five games scheduled before the rest of the NCAA takes the field in September. Saturday will see a Nebraska-Illinois matchup; Hawaii battling UCLA, University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) playing New Mexico State, and Southern Utah taking on San Jose State. In addition to the heated Fresno versus UConn game.