College Game Day Sign Hilariously Claims Clemson Lost to Bishop Sycamore

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ray Carlin/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Bishop Sycamore is at the center of one of the biggest scandals in high school football history. We’ll get into that later. If you’re unfamiliar with the “school,” you only really need to know a couple of things. They’re known for two things – being a fake school and getting absolutely trounced on national television. So, basically, they’re known for living up to their initials both on and off the field. One fan’s sign gives the team at least one win for the season.

College football is officially back. With that comes countless magical moments on the field and in the stands. Some moments, like Virginia Tech’s crowd belting out, “Enter Sandman,” in unison will give you chills. Other moments, like one fan’s impromptu mayo bath, might make you rethink your diet completely. However, some fans just want to get a laugh while firing shots at their team’s rivals. One fan obviously has a low opinion of Clemson. At this point, taking an L from Bishop Sycamore is grounds for retirement.

Somebody call the burn unit and get some cold water for Clemson. Claiming that the Tigers lost to Bishop Sycamore seems like a low blow. This fan could have kept it above the belt and insulted the team’s mothers or home state or something. This sign was just brutal.

With that said, let’s look at Bishop Sycamore’s rise to the public eye to see just how brutal this sign really was.

The Ballad of Bishop Sycamore

Bishop Sycamore became the target of the internet’s mockery on August 29. They participated in a high school showcase game on ESPN against IMG Academy. The team took a beating on national television. The final score was 58-0, according to SB Nation. That’s right. They got completely shut out in front of thousands of viewers.

However, ESPN’s announcers knew that something wasn’t right before the second quarter ended. They weren’t even throwing shade at Bishop Sycamore. Instead, they were concerned about the health and safety of the team. They were so clearly out-matched that the announcers believed that one of the BS players was going to be seriously injured on the field.

Before appearing on ESPN, Bishop Sycamore ensured the network that their team contained several Division 1 prospects. However, as the first half of the game approached its end, one announcer pointed out that they couldn’t confirm the existence of those athletes. In fact, no one from BS showed up in anyone’s database. It was a tough loss for both the team and the network.

This loss sparked some investigation into the school. In short, investigators discovered that Bishop Sycamore wasn’t even a real school.

The voice of Coffeetown High, Max “The Axe,” Bell even had a few words for Bishop Sycamore as Coffeetown opened their season against Red Pine.