‘College GameDay’ Crew Provides Update on Lee Corso’s Health Issues Amid Absence

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

While kicking off another weekend of NCAA football, the College GameDay crew provided an update on Lee Corso’s health issues amid his absence

During the broadcast, Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, Pat McAfee, and Kirk Herbstreit spoke about Corso’s absence. “Our good friend Lee Corso is dealing with a health issue,” Davis stated. “He’s in good spirits, we hope to have LC back very soon in his rightful place on the desk.” 

Herbstreit chimed in, “Real quick on Lee Corso, talked to him yesterday just to make sure he’s feeling okay, he’s going to have some more tests and a procedure done in the next couple of days, but he’s very, very optimistic about being back on the show next week. So Coach, if you’re watching, we love you and we’ll see you soon.”

McAfee then said he wished Corso was there to experience Jackson State. “Obviously there’s a game in Happy Valley, a big one — Ohio State is going to take on Penn State in a Big Ten matchup that’s going to have rippling effects for the rest of the season. ESPN said nah, nah, nah, we’re not going to Happy Valley. Kentucky is playing Tennessee, could we have went to Rocky Top for the third time on the season? ESPN said no, no, no. We have to get down to the SWAC.”

In a statement, ESPN revealed that Corso would be missing this week’s broadcast. “Lee Corso will not travel to Jackson State for ‘College Gameday’ this week due to a health issue. Coach Corso is in good spirits, and he hopes to be back on the road with the crew soon.”

Lee Corso previously missed two editions of College GameDay earlier in the month. On October 1st, he missed the broadcast from Clemson due to not feeling well. He was absent the week after while the crew was in Kansas. 

Lee Corso Previously Spoke About Being Absent From ‘College GameDay’ 

As previously reported, Lee Corso opened up about missing College GameDay broadcasts as well as his health condition.  “Good! I feel good,” Corso during last week’s broadcast. “I tell ya, I had a hell of a scare.”

Lee Corso also admitted he was worried when he went to the hospital for a recent health episode. “I was really worried because I went to the hospital, but I was there and a nurse said, ‘No wonder you’re here. You said bad things about Clemson last week. That’s why you’re in the hospital.’ So I’m not saying bad things about Clemson ever again.” 

College GameDay fans expressed concerns at the beginning of the 2022 season after noticing Lee Corso’s appearance at the broadcast’s Week 0 show. Davis discussed the situation on the Dan Le Batard Show. “I would encourage the people who were, perhaps, to use your word, unkind or cruel, to reserve a little judgment,” David stated. He also shared, “His mind is still razor sharp at the age of 87. I should be so fortunate if I’m blessed to make it far in my life.”