College GameDay Fans Are Baffled By Jack Harlow Performance

by Caitlin Berard

The beloved Saturday morning talk show College GameDay is packed with college football excitement. Its hosts are the harbingers of the long-awaited return of NCAA football. From the first moment of the show to the last, GameDay is packed with news and analysis for the day’s series of games, plus plenty of tomfoolery between the iconic hosts and their guests.

One of the most highly anticipated segments of the show is the hosts’ picks of the day, during which Rece Davis et al guess the winners of the biggest games. This segment also includes a celebrity guest picker, some of whom hilariously have better records than the hosts themselves.

This week’s guest was Jack Harlow, who also gave what GameDay producers no doubt hoped would be a thrilling performance. If the reaction on Twitter is any indication, however, Jack Harlow’s performance was less than welcome.

“Jack Harlow really had that crowd jumping. Just kidding, that was terrible. Never show that again,” one annoyed fan wrote. “[College Game Day], I don’t really need more Jack Harlow. Thanks. Welcome back btw,” another fumed.

College GameDay Fans Feel Jack Harlow Was the Wrong Choice for Guest Picker

Unfortunately for Jack Harlow, it wasn’t just his performance that fans felt was out of place. They didn’t particularly enjoy his time at the hosting booth either.

Even those generally fond of Jack Harlow felt his College GameDay cameo fell short. “I like Jack Harlow but don’t get why they didn’t get someone who has something to do with Ohio State or Notre Dame for the GameDay guest picker,” one fan mused.

Another had a very similar sentiment. “I like Jack Harlow, but it’s painfully awkward when the guest picker doesn’t know anything about college football,” they said. “I love Jack Harlow, but on College GameDay, it’s just a joke,” agreed a third.

There’s really no such thing as a “wrong” pick. You can certainly make an ill-advised choice, given the spread, but if you really believe in your pick, who can fault you?

With that in mind, it’s not that Harlow’s picks themselves were upsetting to viewers. Instead, it’s the way he made them. He picked Cincinnati over Arkansas, for example, because he once dated a girl from Cincinnati and “liked her a lot.”

Though fans don’t expect guest pickers to be football experts, they would prefer a guest with at least a little football knowledge.