College Gameday Fans Are Fired Up on Twitter for Week 1 Football

by Caitlin Berard

Though each college football season is only a few all-too-short months long, college football content is another story. The regular season ends in November with Rivalry Week. Then, however, there are the bowl games, which stretch into December and January. After that, the seemingly never-ending wait begins.

Now, the actual season doesn’t start until September. In the meantime, however, you have spring games, fall camp, and plenty of content to enjoy, regardless of your team. But, as any college football fan can attest, this just isn’t the same.

No, there’s nothing quite like starting the day with College GameDay, soaking up every moment of pre-game excitement before that long-awaited first kick. And, thankfully, it’s finally time.

The 2022 college football season is officially underway, and with it, this year’s run of College GameDay. The season is kicking off with a stop in Columbus, Ohio, where the iconic GameDay line-up (Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack, and Lee Corso) are prepping the audience for the day’s excitement.

The spotlight, of course, is on the Ohio State-Notre Dame game, the kick-off of which takes place at 7:30 this evening, EDT. Today’s games also include exciting match-ups such as Oregon-Georgia and Utah-Florida.

Social Media Explodes With Excitement Over College GameDay

To say football fans (and GameDay themselves) are excited about the return of College GameDay would be a dramatic understatement. Fans took to social media to express their joy in the return of college football, many so excited it could only be expressed in meme form. There are simply no words.

Those who were able to put their thoughts into words said things like “It’s the best Saturday of the year” and “College Football is back!”

A few, however, were able to express their thoughts slightly more eloquently. “There are few things in life better than the first full Saturday of college football. Cherish it guys. AND GET TF UP IT’S GAMEDAY,” a UGA fan wrote.

“College football all afternoon and into the evening, starting with my [Michigan Football]. Does it get any better than this?” another said. “Pizza and champagne for breakfast! College GameDay ready!” joked a third.

But the responses to the return of GameDay are mostly this –

Completely understandable. After nine long months without College GameDay, waking up to turn on the legendary talk show is a bit like the Christmas mornings of childhood. Who can put words to that kind of magic?