College GameDay Fans Are Making the Same Joke About New Anchor Jess Sims’ Outfit

by Caitlin Berard

Today (September 3) is a big day for NCAA football and its fans. Not only is it officially Week 1 of college football but it’s also the start of the 36th season of College GameDay. To add to that excitement, GameDay introduced a brand new on-site reporter and personality, Peloton instructor and sports reporter, Jess Sims.

Jess was absolutely elated ahead of her debut. “I am so excited to join the GameDay crew,” she said in a press release for ESPN. “Because the show not only celebrates all of the on-field action, but also highlights the passionate communities that surround the games.”

“This is such a great opportunity to get back to my roots in college sports,” Sims continued. “And I can’t wait to meet incredible athletes and fans and explore these campuses and cities that eat, sleep and breathe their hometown teams.”

Well, the day finally came. Jess Sims appeared on TVs across America for this morning edition of College GameDay. And though there were plenty of fans who simply congratulated the reporter for her new gig, others couldn’t help but notice her curious choice of clothing.

For her College GameDay debut, Jess Sims wore a blue pantsuit, the pants of which were purposefully oversized. And it wasn’t long before social media was filled with joking commentary about her outfit.

“Jess Sims making the 2003 NBA draft class fit look cool again?” one viewer joked on Twitter. “Jess Sims pants look like those baggy suits NBA players used to wear to the draft 20 years ago,” another said.

Fans Congratulate Jess Sims’ College GameDay Debut

Jess Sims’ passion for sports and fitness stretches all the way back to childhood. During her time at Trinity College, she became the captain of her basketball team, holding the title for three years. She then became a school teacher but always knew that her true calling lay with athletics.

To combine her two passions, she shifted careers, becoming a teacher at a gym rather than a school. And once she found a place with Peloton, her career reached even greater heights. Jess Sims quickly became a fan favorite among Peloton users, many of whom were sure to tune in for her College GameDay debut.

“Boom! Jess Sims on GameDay! Family Peloton favorite,” one fan wrote. “When College GameDay numbers are off the charts today, it’s because everyone who has taken a Peloton Jess Sims class will be cheering her on today!” another said.