‘College GameDay’ Fans React to Pat McAfee Joining the Show

by Sean Griffin

College GameDay has been a staple of college football since its inception in 1993. Each week during the season, the Gameday crew hits the road and stops at the week’s best game. In the decades since the show started, the crew has seen everything, from Lee Corso’s crazy antics to a slew of A-list guest pickers.

However, during the September 10th broadcast of the show, the GameDay crew welcomed a new—albeit familiar—face. Pat McAfee, former Colts All-Pro punter and current host of the incredibly popular Pat McAfee Show, joins the GameDay crew as an analyst. Prior to joining the team this year, McAfee had previously worked with the show back in 2019-2020.

Rece Davis introduced the former NFL punter as “our new best friend, the great Pat McAfee.” The College GameDay Twitter page shared a video of the announcement. In the video, a clean-cut McAfee takes center stage at the table and waves his hand to the massive crowd gathered at the University of Texas.

McAfee, who is known for his fiery and bombastic style combined with a down-to-earth persona, has seen his daily podcast show The Pat McAfee Show take off in the past few years. The entertaining sports commentator’s joining the show left many fans taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the move.

“Congrats man,” one Twitter user replied, congratulating McAfee on such a big step in his commentating career.

Another user wrote: “Center seat for my punter,” referring to McAfee’s spot at the center of the table.

Fans React to Pat McAfee Joining ‘College GameDay’

“Paturday mornings 9-12,” one fan wrote, making a pun with the host’s name. “I love him on here,” another fan wrote.

“Great addition to the lineup,” another said. “Pat is the man.”

However, it seems a few fans aren’t the happiest with the addition to the lineup. One fan said: “Not feeling it. Calm down Pat. Stop being silly. Not happy he’s on every segment.” Seven users favorited that tweet.

One user responded in agreement, writing “he should stick to WWE,” referring to McAfee’s previous role with WWE.

“Sorry, I like Pat but not full time at the desk. Chemistry is off,” one user wrote. “If you have to make a change why not put Pollack at the desk ft and add more feature segments with Pat. Gameday my favorite show on tv but not thrilled with annoying Pat.”

However, while it seems some people aren’t happy with the move, others couldn’t be more thrilled to see one of their favorite commentators back on ESPN. Regardless of your stance, Pat McAfee will certainly bring passion and energy to his role on College GameDay, and we for one can’t wait for him to get started.