‘College GameDay’ Fans Worried About Lee Corso Amid Another Absence Due To Health Issue

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images)

It seems that concerns over Lee Corso’s health won’t be going away soon.

The conversations first began when fans worried about the 87-year-old’s cognitive health while watching an early-season episode of College GameDay. However, co-host Rece Davis quickly shut those rumors down.

They, talks about his health quickly resurfaced when Corso missed a pair of mid-season episodes of the show. The show revealed he was recovering from undisclosed health matters.

A few weeks ago, some fans even began fearing Corso had passed away when it looked like College GameDay had canceled its trip to Tennessee.

However, those rumors proved false. Lee Corso and the show the Vols’ victory over Alabama.

Corso was also on set in Eugene, Oregon a week ago when College GameDay covered the Ducks’ game against UCLA. Those health problems that had ailed him earlier in the season had gone, it seemed.

However, that’s changed in recent days.

On Friday, ESPN put out a press release announcing that Corso would miss this week’s episode due to a health issue. This marks Corso’s third missed episode in the 2022 season.

The show travels to Jackson, Mississippi in its inaugural trip there. It will witness Deion Sanders and Jackson State take on Southern University for their annual Homecoming game.

However, Lee Corso’s absence was the talk of social media on Friday and Saturday. Scores of college football fans sent out well-wishes to Corso.

Fans React to Lee Corso’s Illness and Third Absence from ‘College GameDay’ This Season

“ESPN has announced that College GameDay analyst Lee Corso will not be making the trip to Jackson.” one fan tweeted. “Hopefully, Corso gets well soon so he can join the rest of the crew.”

Other fans shared similar messages of support and well-wishes for the long-time commentator and host of College GameDay.

“Worried about everyone’s college football grandpa, Lee Corso. Here’s to a speedy recovery and a return to the #GameDay panel.”

However, other fans were worried about Corso’s long-term health. Some suggested that this string of health concerns may mark Corso’s time on the show is nearing an end.

“I know there’s gonna be different opinions in the subject, but I say let Lee Corso do Gameday until he decides not to American treasure,” one fan wrote. “We ignore enough realities. Our elderly (and the fact that we’re all headed there) ought not be one of them anymore.”

Corso hasn’t yet disclosed the extent of his illness. However, the repeated absences continue concerning fans across the college football landscape. Corso, did, however, recently talk about some of his absences, joking that a pick from the show sent him to the hospital.

Lee Corso admitted he was worried when he went to the hospital for a recent health episode. “I was really worried because I went to the hospital, but I was there and a nurse said, ‘No wonder you’re here. You said bad things about Clemson last week. That’s why you’re in the hospital.’ So I’m not saying bad things about Clemson ever again.” 

The situation is comprable to that of fellow ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale. Vitale missed a number of games last season while recovering from cancer in his vocal cords.

Lee Corso is 87 years old. Dick Vitale is 83 years old.