College Gameday Student Host Called Out for Grabbing His ‘Peepee’ During Interview

by Caitlin Berard

During college football season, there’s no better way to start the day than with College GameDay. Each week, the hosts visit a different campus, making their guesses at the winners of the day, interviewing that school’s athletes and coaches, and generally increasing the hype around the day’s events. It’s essentially an appetizer for the day’s line-up games and a showcase of the school of the week.

The iconic faces of College GameDay include Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, David Pollack, and Rece Davis. Recently, however, the long-running morning show has seen a youth movement, inviting budding hosts to add their own unique talents to the mix.

This weekend, College GameDay is gracing Columbus, Ohio, for the Ohio State-Notre Dame game and the highly anticipated first week of college football. As they’re in Columbus, it’s only fitting that former Ohio State University basketball player Jimmy Sotos provide the youth-driven portion of the show.

Social Media Catches OSU College GameDay Host Grabbing Himself Inappropriately

Unfortunately, the major honor quickly devolved into a major embarrassment for the basketball star.

It all started when the official College GameDay Twitter account posted a video of Jimmy Sotos interviewing OSU students. At first glance, it seemed completely normal – Sotos was simply asking students what they thought about the upcoming action.

And to add a splash of humor to the interviews, he was sure to ask about their feelings on well-known Ohio State newcomer, true freshman Lee Corso. You know, 87-year-old Lee Corso. Hilariously, many of the students showered praise on the “freshman” starter, sharing that they have “a lot of hope” for him.

In the midst of the laughs, however, Jimmy Sotos inexplicably began grabbing himself in a highly inappropriate place. And, of course, Twitter users were quick to point out the strange indiscretion.

“Why is the guy grabbing his crotch as he interviews people?” one user wrote. “Was wondering the same thing,” another added with a laugh.