‘College Gameday’: Watch Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Join Show as Guest Picker

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

It’s another fantastic Saturday with a full slate of college football and for fans that means the return of “College Gameday.”

“College Gameday” is a Saturday morning staple and a must for college football fans across the country. Each Saturday, “College Gameday” travels to a new location for a live version of the show. Fans from both the home team and visiting team converge on the ESPN set to enjoy a college Saturday tradition. The “College Gameday” cast features former college coach Lee Corso, for Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard and former Ohio State Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit. Today, the show is set up in Athens, Georgia for one of the biggest showdowns of the college football season to this point. In a battle of unbeaten, the Kentucky Wildcats are Athens to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. With two outstanding defenses on the field, expect a thriller today between the hedges.

The “College Gameday” crew breaks down the big matches taking place on a given Saturday. The emphasis of the show is placed on the game that the crew has traveled to see. This week, they featured the Kentucky vs. Georgia game as fans of both teams flooded in to participate. At the end of the show, the gameday crew predicts the winners of the day’s biggest games. They also invite a guest picker to participate in choosing the victors. Today’s guest picker was none other than legendary comedian Jeff Foxworthy. The Blue Collar comedian was in top form today as he delivered his picks.

‘College Gameday’ Guest Jeff Foxworthy Make Football Picks

“If you’ve just become aware that there’s a season besides basketball season, you might be a Kentucky Wildcat,” Foxworthy says arriving on set.

It doesn’t get any more classic Jeff Foxworthy than that.

A huge football fan, Foxworthy was a natural on “College Gameday” and did quite well with outcome picks. He picked the Tennessee Volunteers to be the Ole Miss Rebels and poked a little fun at the Tennessee fight song “Rocky Top.”

“I think the way they get prisoners to talk once they outlawed waterboarding was they put them in a room and played ‘Rocky Top’ over and over again,” Foxworthy said. “After 30 times, they’re confessing to crimes that hadn’t been committed. (Ole Miss head coach) Lane (Kiffin) is going to be about as welcome in Knoxville as a muddy dog at a wedding. I got Tennessee beating the Lane train today.”

If nothing else — he is definitely right about the Lane Kiffin part. Foxworthy also picked the Georgia Bulldogs to defeat the Kentucky Wildcats on gameday.