College Hoops Icon Dick Vitale Reveals He’s Cancer Free

by Dustin Schutte

Awesome news, baby! College basketball icon and longtime ESPN hoops broadcaster Dick Vitale had a positive update on his health status on Wednesday evening.

Vitale announced on Twitter that he’s cancer free. He’s continued to keep fans and followers updated on his health situation through social media.

“Dr. Rick Brown just notified me with my results of my major Pet Scan & told me news I wish EVERY cancer patient can here,” Vitale wrote. “He said ‘Dick u have gone from being in remission to being CANCER FREE’ Thank u to ALL of YOU that have sent me [prayers].”

Vitale announced in October that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. In December, doctors diagnosed the broadcaster with precancerous Dysplasia. That forced him to miss most of the 2021-22 college basketball season.

At the time, Vitale said he needed to step aside from broadcasting to rest his vocal cords. he called just one game last season before the break.

This is awesome news from Dickie V. We hope to see him back on the sidelines calling college basketball games again soon.

Dick Vitale’s Two-Year Battle with Cancer

For the past two years, Dick Vitale has battled cancer off and on. Doctors diagnosed him with melanoma in 2021. After winning that battle, it seemed like he’d be ready for the upcoming college basketball season.

Unfortunately, the lymphoma diagnoses forced him to miss all of the season from a broadcasting perspective. However, the basketball guru frequently shared his thoughts and analysis with fans through his social media platforms.

Vitale wouldn’t let anything take him completely away from the game.

For decades, Vitale has served as a voice for ESPN’s college basketball coverage. He’s not just a legend in the world of hoops, but in the broadcasting sphere, too.

Last season just wasn’t the same without him. We can’t wait to hear him on the microphone again.