Collin Morikawa Takes a Stand, Makes It Clear He’s Not Leaving the PGA Tour: ‘I’m Here to Stay’

by Dustin Schutte

Collin Morikawa is putting his foot down … again. The two-time major champion has no intention of leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf.

Unfounded rumors surfaced about Morikawa’s interest in joining LIV Golf following the conclusion of the 122nd U.S. Open. The basis for the speculation? The 25-year-old’s Twitter bio didn’t contain the words “PGA Tour.” Seriously.

Morikawa doubled down on his commitment to the PGA Tour this week as rumors about a potential departure spread.

“Just your #11 money winner on PIP here to say good morning to everyone! Last week at my press conference, I said the media loves creating drama,” Morikawa wrote on Twitter. “Sure enough, I woke up this morning to everyone thinking I’m next. Not to say I told you so but…I told you so.

“To state for the record, once again, you all are absolutely wrong. I’ve said it since February at Riviera that I’m here to stay on the @PGATOUR and nothing has changed.”

Morikawa’s commitment to the PGA Tour comes after another one of the sport’s biggest names accepted a deal with LIV Golf. Four-time major winner Brooks Koepka is the latest to join the Saudi-backed league.

Koepka is expected to make his LIV Golf debut in Portland for the league’s event at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club.

It’s easy to understand why there continue to be so many questions about the PGA Tour’s brightest stars. Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Koepka have all dismissed interest in joining LIV Golf. Now, all three are members of the league.

Like Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Jon Rahm and others, Morikawa continues to show his commitment to the PGA Tour. After his latest comments, maybe the rumor mill will stop spinning when it comes to Morikawa’s stance on LIV Golf.

Let’s Discuss the Real Concern With Collin Morikawa

Let’s close the book on the Collin Morikawa-to-LIV Golf rumors and talk about the real concern with the 25-year-old star: his breakfast habits.

In the tweet he sent out dismissing the idea of joining LIV Golf, Morikawa made another comment that had the sports world scratching its head. He pours milk into his bowl then later adds the cereal. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some cereal to pour in my milk,” he wrote to conclude his statement regarding the PGA Tour.

That’s the kind of action that could result in a serious suspension for the winner of five PGA Tour events.

OK, not really, but Morikawa’s unique breakfast habit did cause a stir among other golfers. Both Max Homa and Justin Thomas weighed in on this cereal sin.

“Happy to hear as Collin is the man IF this is true. And that’s a big if. Almost impossible to trust a man who pours the milk first and cereal second,” Homa said in response.

Thomas chimed in by writing, “You going milk first is more of a concern than you going anywhere.”

What’s the real concern here? Morikawa leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf? Or the fact that he’s pouring milk before cereal? We’ll let you be the judge.

To his credit, Morikawa has won five PGA Tour events using this method. That included the 2020 PGA Championship and The Open Championship in 2021. He’s also finished fourth at the U.S. Open (2021) and fifth at The Masters (2022) in his career.

Maybe Morikawa is on to something with this utterly unique, although somewhat irresponsible, breakfast habit.