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Deion Sanders Admits He Has Always Wanted To Be on Cover of GQ Magazine

by Kaiden Smith
Deion Sanders at Colorado press conference
(Photo by Matthew Jonas/MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images)

Former NFL superstar and current Colorado head coach Deion Sanders is known for his style. Primetime is known to walk the walk and talk the talk, leading him to recently grace the cover of GQ Magazine. Sanders recently appeared on the Rich Eisen Show, admitting that landing a GQ cover is something he’s wanted for quite some time.

“Rich, honestly, at our age and stage there’s only a few things in life we want to accomplish and that was one of them I’ve always privately, secretly wanted to be on the cover of GQ, always,” Sanders said.

“And to be able to fulfill that dream at this age and stage of my life is unbelievable,” Sanders said. “I know God is good, well God is always good, but I really wanted that.”

Deion Sanders stuck a pose in a black fur coat in front of a helicopter in the February issue of GQ Magazine. Additionally, other February issues feature former NBA and MLB stars Allen Iverson and Derek Jeter on the covers. And the three were named to the GQ Sports Style Hall of Fame as well last month.

“Iverson had a style that was second to none. I mean he was that guy,” Sanders said. “And Jeter, what he brought to New York and his consistency over the years. I don’t know about the fashion part of it, but his consistency years has been unparalleled. Like he is it, he is baseball.”

Sanders got a laugh out of Eisen and himself poking fun at the former Yankees captain. And Sanders will be responsible for captaining a new ship during this season. He became the new head coach of Colorado last December. And it will definitely be interesting to see how he styles his new black and gold threads.