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Colts Fans ‘Can’t Watch’ Team After Poor First Half During Monday Night Footbal

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

So, one-half of Monday Night Football in the books and Indianapolis Colts fans are already tired of watching this team. Through the first two quarters of play, it is clear that this offense has no answers outside of giving the ball to Jonathan Taylor any way they can. It is one of the worst in the NFL.

While there was a little bit of hope for this team after the win against the Raiders and the close loss to the Eagles, that went away on Monday. It looked like the same old Colts offense we saw all season long. Matt Ryan was getting hit early and often. Not only that, he couldn’t complete a pass until a halfback screen to Taylor in the second quarter.

It all resulted in an “embarrassing” Monday Night Football performance according to one fan. Plays like this didn’t help.

Matt Ryan would finish the first half 5/13 for 36 yards and an interception. Meanwhile, his counterpart on the Steelers, Kenny Pickett, had a line of 14/18 for 133 yards. He added 34 yards on the ground. Night and day difference.

Fans Are Done Watching Colts on Monday Night Football

It really is hard to watch Ryan play quarterback. He is past his prime and should be a backup enjoying his last years in the NFL. However, he’s nobly taken on the task of starting for this Colts team. His Monday Night Football performance was another reminder that he just doesn’t have the juice anymore.

Some fans turned the game off completely.

“I turned that off,” a fan named Jon said. “Hopefully, the Colts win, but they look like whatever bump they got from Jeff Saturday has gone right back to Frank REeich era results. Sad. Hope they come back, but I can’t watch horrid football on a school night.”

This game is so rough to watch, one fan said that he wants the NFL to get the flex schedule going. Next week, the Colts are in prime time again with a Sunday Night Football game against the Cowboys.

“Idk who the NFL has in line for a flex next week, but we can’t watch this Colts team on SNF next week,” the fan tweeted.

When you sum it up, there’s really no better way to do it than this fan did.

“Colts stink,” they tweeted. “OL is awful. Matt Ryan has lost it. Their defense not much better. Tim for night night I’m afraid. Lol.”

Putting it that way, it really is lights out for this Colts team. Hope you get a good draft pick, hire a good coach, and try again next season if you can get a quarterback. Preferably a much younger one.