Colts Interim HC Jeff Saturday Responds To Those Who Criticize His Coaching Experience

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

While a lot of people have questions about the Indianapolis Colts hiring Jeff Saturday to be their interim head coach, Saturday has “no fear” of the NFL job. The former Colts center doesn’t know why he’s getting so much criticism. He knows he might not have the experience, just a head coaching gig for a high school team, but that doesn’t matter to him.

The interim head coach has no time to dwell on what is lacking in his work history. Instead, Jeff Saturday is looking forward to using his NFL experience as a player for a winning organization to help him lead this team. The Colts really need something to change soon or they might as well look forward to the NFL Draft.

“Here’s the deal, everybody talks about my – I’m completely comfortable in who I am as a man, bro. I know I can lead men. I know I know the game of football and I’m passionate about it,” Saturday said to the media. He didn’t stop there. “I have no fear about ‘are you as qualified as somebody else’ bro, I spent 14 years in the locker room, went to the playoffs 12 times, I got five dudes in the Hall of Fame that played with me.

“You don’t think I’ve seen greatness? You don’t think I’ve seen how people prepare, how they coach, how they GM, how they work – won Super Bowls, been to two, like here’s the deal man – none of us are promised a good job. I may be terrible at this and after eight games I’ll say ‘God bless you, I am no good.’ I may be really good at [this] I got no idea, but I dang sure ain’t gonna back down, I can tell you that.”

For Jeff Saturday, this is a challenge. But it’s not one he’s going to give up on easily.

Peyton Manning Says Jeff Saturday Has ‘Big Challenge’

While on Monday Night Football’s ManningCast, Peyton Manning was able to talk about the new head coach of the Colts. Of course, Manning took thousands of snaps from Jeff Saturday during their time together in Indianapolis. The former quarterback was cautious but ultimately supportive of his former teammate.

“I talked to Jeff. It’s a big challenge,” Manning said. “Jeff’s made of the right stuff, he was the ultimate teammate. My locker was right next to him. He’s a high-character guy. He’s a great leader.”

So, will the Jeff Saturday experiment work? We are days away from the first test of the new era in Colts football.