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Commanders Debut ‘Major Tuddy,’ NFL Fans Ruthlessly Mock New Mascot

by Dustin Schutte
Commanders Mascot
(Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Some teams just aren’t meant to have a mascot. You can probably put the Washington Commanders in that category, after the franchise debuted “Major Tuddy” during Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns.

The newest NFL mascot is an overgrown pig wearing a military helmet. Major Tuddy made his grand entrance at FedEx Field before Sunday’s game.

While a pig might seem like a strange mascot, there is some meaning behind it. For years, Washington fans sported hog noses and other unique getups during games. So, this appears to be a play on some of the interesting style of a die-hard fanbase.

But not everyone was impressed. Plenty of NFL fans roasted the Commanders for the new mascot.

“They continue to fail,” one fan said. “Worst marketing team in pro sports.”

Another individual on Twitter added, “And the crowd goes ‘meh.'” A third chimed in, saying, “Who rolls out a new mascot on the second to last game of the season.”

One fan offered an opinion on a new name, referring to the mascot as “Major Disaster.”

While We’re on the Topic of NFL Mascots …

Big news out of Baltimore this weekend, as Poe, the Ravens mascot, has returned from a pre-season ACL injury.

Poe suffered the injury in a pre-season game. In August, he and other mascots took the field to play a youth football game. It didn’t go quite as planned for the oversized bird, suffering a major knee injury.

The Ravens mascot needed to be carted off the field after suffering the injury. But he did make an epic return to the sidelines on Sunday.

You can view the video of Poe’s return here.

With Poe out of the mascot lineup for nearly the entire season, the Ravens called two mascots out of retirement — Edgar and Allan. The pair signed one-year contracts to fill in for the injured Poe.