Company Launches Contest to Hire ‘MLB Food Tester,’ Job Will Entail Eating Hot Dogs at Stadiums

by Emily Morgan

Major League Baseball has officially begun, which means home runs and hot dogs are in people’s futures. Now, fans have more reasons to get excited about the season: one company announced they would pay someone to determine which stadium’s hot dogs come out on top.

Casino review site BonusFinder launched a new contest earlier this week to search for an “MLB Professional Food Tester.” And for many, it may sound like a dream job. According to the contest’s website, the lucky individual will get $500 in addition to a budget for food and travel. The tester will travel to various baseball stadiums to test out the hot dogs.

Lucky Weiner Will Get Dream Job of Taste Testing Hot Dogs

According to Fox News, the tester will review a hot dog based on appearance, color, flavor, meat and bun quality, sauce and topping generosity, and value for money. In addition to judging the hot dogs, the individual will also evaluate the stadiums on entertainment, quality, atmosphere, and excitement.

Those looking to apply have until May 2 at 9 p.m. PT, and the winner will be selected by May 5. According to the company, “baseball and hot dog superfans” who are 21 or older should apply by explaining in an online form why BonusFinder should choose them.

This isn’t the first time the company has recruited people for these eating experiments. Earlier this year, BonusFinder launched a contest to find a “Professional Binge Watcher,” who watched three Netflix series while also testing and reviewing takeout pizza. The company has also launched competitions for testers to critique burgers, ice cream, candy, and pie.

Fans Return to MLB Stadiums

With the MLB’s opening day on April 1, baseball has officially returned. Fans will be relieved to know that the MLB is trading in those bizarre cardboard fake crowds for in-person fans as the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be winding down.

Per CBS Sports, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that fans would be allowed in the stands. However, different stadiums will have their own rules that fans must follow. If you’re unable to visit the ballparks in person, most MLB games will be available to watch on ESPN or the ESPN live stream through the “watch live” section on the ESPN mobile app or website.

Baseball fans can also watch games through MLB.TV, which is a streaming service that lets fans watch in real-time. For $130, fans can access the entire season, including the playoffs and the World Series. But if you’re watching from home, you’ll have to provide your own hot dogs.