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Conor McGregor is Apparently ‘Harassing’ Dana White, Dustin Poirier for Rematch After UFC 257 Loss

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

By his longtime coach John Kavanagh’s own words, Conor McGregor is “harassing everybody” for a rematch with Dustin Poirier asap.

In their insanely anticipated lightweight bout during UFC 257, Poirier took out McGregor with a powerful second-round knockout. It was a stark contrast to the control McGregor exhibited in their opening round. As such, the UFC superstar is now eager for the chance to prove himself the better man.

“He’s already harassing everybody to get the rematch,” coach Kavanagh tells ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. “We would love the rematch. I doubt that Dustin is against that.”

We doubt he is, either. A rematch should be in the cards for both gentleman, as they now stand tied 1-1 with one another. Conor McGregor’s only victory against Poirier came way back in 2014.

“If we could get the rematch before the summer, that will be amazing. If it’s not to be, well, then I guess I don’t really know,” Kavanagh continues.

As for McGregor himself, the Irishman is thanking his fans on Instagram for their support during the loss that’s left him “gutted.”

“Thanks for the support everyone! Was not my night/morning in there but a great contest to improve on. I’m excited at the blockbuster trilogy I now have on my hands,” he says in his post. “Dustin is a hell of a competitor and I look forward to going again. Elevating the leg and the spirit on my way home! God bless us all, happy Sunday.”

Gracious words after a vicious knockout:

Will Conor McGregor Dip to Boxing?

Following his huge loss to the ‘Diamond’, McGregor is hinting once again that he may dip out of UFC to get back into the boxing ring. He said as much himself to the post-fight press. Now, coach Kavanagh is echoing the sentiment.

“Maybe he drifts off into boxing,” Kavanagh continues of his star to ESPN.

Moreover, McGregor told post-fight press that there’s no fretting damaging calf-kicks in boxing.

“There’s none of the leg kicks in boxing anyway,” McGregor adds.

The comment comes after the intense blows Poirier landed on his lower leg during their match. While the beating he took was intense, Kavanagh says McGregor is already recovering from “no serious damage.”

“The leg is OK. There’s no serious damage. The peroneal nerve that runs down on that side of the leg, which was kicked a number of times, was completely dead, and then the leg started filling up with blood as well, so he couldn’t move on it all,” Kavanagh clarifies.

With no lasting damage done, Conor McGregor is already up and training again. “As of today, he’s in good form. He did a very tough workout this morning,” Kavanagh adds.

And there’s no doubt that this motivation comes from wanting to get Poirier back in the ring as soon as possible. When? Kavanagh hints that McGregor wants the rematch as soon as a few months from now.

As for Dustin Poirier, he’s already got his next fight picked. And it’s not McGregor.

[H/T ESPN’s Ariel Helwani]