Conor McGregor Buys Pub Where He Assaulted Customer in 2019, Immediately Bans Him

by Chris Haney

Recently, former UFC champion Conor McGregor made headlines for purchasing the bar where he infamously assaulted a patron back in 2019. Furthermore, in true McGregor fashion, the fighter immediately banned the customer from ever stepping foot in the pub again now that he owns it.

It may seem extremely petty to most since McGregor was the aggressor in the 2019 altercation. Yet the move to ban the pub customer is pretty much on-brand for McGregor’s typical antics. According to the Daily Mail, it reportedly cost McGregor £2 million (around $2.77 million) to purchase the bar in Dublin, Ireland. That’s an expensive way to spite someone two years later.

“The Notorious” bought the Marble Arch pub to add to his growing portfolio. It’s the second property he’s bought in the area to add to his existing liquor business, Proper No. Twelve whiskey. But the local bar purchase appears to be more about sticking it to 50-year-old Des Keogh than making a profit.

Conor McGregor Punches Bar Patron for Rejecting His Drink Offer

In April 2019, CCTV cameras captured McGregor landing a hard left hook to Keogh’s face. To his credit, the patron took the hard punch like a champ and didn’t retaliate. Supposedly, the fighter didn’t take kindly to the customer refusing a free shot of McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey. McGregor issued a public apology and admitted the assault in a Dublin court. He was fined £860 (just under $1,200) for the incident.

As reports announced McGregor’s purchase of the Dublin pub, he made sure to chime in on the matter on Twitter. The former UFC champion in two different weight classes retweeted an article about his newest purchase. Additionally, he added that Keogh is “barred” from the establishment now that he owns it.

“Ye and your mans barred,” Conor McGregor wrote on Twitter.

Further reports on the purchase reveal that McGregor spent around another $1.2 million to renovate the pub. As the bar gets a remodel, McGregor is also preparing for his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. With the bouts even at one so far, the third and final fight is a highly-anticipated tiebreaker.

“The Notorious” Ponders Buying Manchester United Football Club

Although it’s almost definitely just banter on McGregor’s part, he also recently suggested that he may purchase one of the largest soccer clubs in Europe: Manchester United.

Man U is arguably the biggest club in England from a worldwide prominence standpoint. They dominated the English Premier League in the 1990s and 2000s under Sir Alex Ferguson. However, ever since Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, the club has been knocked off its perch and struggled to win trophies.

With the recent controversy surrounding a European Super League, McGregor threw his hat in the mix as the possible new owner of Manchester United.

Recent valuations by Forbes list Man U’s value at £3.05 billion (around $4.15 billion). Therefore we’d assume McGregor would have to join others in an investment group to pull off such a huge takeover. That said, the Glazer family has been under pressure for years to sell the team.

After the debacle that was the Super League, the Americans – who also own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – could give in to the pressure eventually. As a supporter of the club since childhood, McGregor could at least end up a minority owner one of these days.