Conor McGregor Looks Jacked in Latest Photo, Social Media Loses It

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by CHRISTIAN BRUNA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s been quite some time since Conor McGregor has stepped inside the Octagon, but he continues to make a splash on social media. Recently, the UFC star posted a shirtless photo, resulting in plenty of reaction.

McGregor’s training appears to be going pretty well, looking as jacked as ever. He’s hoping to compete again early in 2023, though no fight has been scheduled and a return date hasn’t been announced.

Here’s the photo McGregor shared on Twitter, along with the caption, “Don’t be scared homie.”

McGregor’s photo led to several UFC fans chiming in on Twitter over his appearance. The responses were mixed, to say the least.

“Not one of his fans, but now he’s ready for another fight,” one UFC fan said. Another seemed to be a little skeptical of his look, saying, “This ain’t right.”

Several fans had some questions about how McGregor got so jacked so quickly … but we’ll leave all speculation and assumptions to the folks on Twitter.

Beardless Conor McGregor Looks Unrecognizable

This week isn’t the first time Conor McGregor has caused a stir on social media with a photo. On Halloween, McGregor shared a photo of himself beardless for the first time.

He took the photo with his family, which was ready for a night of trick-or-treating. However, several UFC fans had trouble recognizing the fighter.

“Don’t even recognize him,” one person wrote on social media. “Who the f*** is that guy?” Another Twitter user added, making a reference to a popular GIF that involves McGregor.

A third person compared beardless Conor McGregor to WWE star John Cena.

Even though a month has passed and Halloween is over, it looks like McGregor might sport the clean-shaven look for a while. At some point, we’ll all get used to it.

Today isn’t that day, though.