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Conor McGregor Loses it After Steroid Accusation

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

Not able to contain his complete outrage, former UFC fighter Conor McGregor lost it after being accused of using steroids. 

According to the Mirror, Anthony Smith made a steroid comment about Conor McGregor while discussing McGregor’s leg injury, which he sustained in July 2021. “Anybody who’s broken their leg has taken a long time,” Smith stated. “He’s seemingly pretty healed up. It just bugs me that he gets to jump out of the pool, juice up on whatever he’s juiced on, and then just jump back in the pool and no one’s going to say s— about it?”

Conor McGregor wasn’t having any of Smith’s comments or accusations, however. He unleashed an angry response. “This rat spoke to [Chris] Weidman who’d the same horrific injury and is having severe complications still, is bothered that I was able to heal/return to a normal way of life. He, like many other rats in my game, would be happier if I wasn’t able to play with my children the same again.”

But Conor McGregor wasn’t quite done with the rant. He then stated, “The audacity of this loser! @lionheartsmith you’re a loser. The % of the bones joining back after a break like this is so low. You think I give a f— about anything else. I am the most tested fighter all time in combat sport. I give everything to this game. You – Nothing! I thought you broke your leg yourself in your last fight lol you little dope. You embarrassment of a man! Keep my name out of your f—ing mouth. P—.” 

Conor McGregor Reveals More Details About His Leg Injuries 

Mirror also reported that Conor McGregor will be undergoing six months of drug testing before he will return to UFC. Fights are notably required to enroll in the USADA program. 

Speaking about his injuries, Conor McGregor stated, “Everything was fully disclosed before I began. The state of allowance for athletes to recover from injuries as horrific as the one I overcame must be assessed. My thoughts are with Weidman and Anderson Silva. The three of us, and only us, know the severity of this injury.” 

Conor McGregor then stated that he crushed the metatarsal bones in his foot three weeks prior to the Khabib fight. However, he still made the walk. “All injuries are not the same. You will see it all on Netflix. When a serious injury with a high % of never recovering occurs, it is just simply not the same.”

Conor McGregor also offered up a recent update about his Netflix documentary. “This documentary will be out before my next fight, episode 1, of 4,” he wrote. The fighter went on to add, “And the full 4 will be out before my Hollywood debut.”