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Conor McGregor May Need to Rename His Whiskey

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Brian Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images)

Conor McGregor is a legend in the octagon. Three years ago, the Irish MMA fighter became one of many celebrities to release their own brand of booze. He stepped into the spirits game with Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey. It’s a decent enough drink that sells largely on the fact that McGregor’s name is attached to it. However, he may need to get together with his marketing team and start brainstorming new brand names.

Things are changing in the world of Irish whiskey. Those changes might force Conor McGregor to change the name of his brand. According to The Drinks Business, the Irish Whiskey Association is considering laying down some new regulations about what distilleries can put in the name of their spirits. If they go through with the changes, McGregor’s Proper No. 12 will run afoul of the regulating body.

The Irish Whiskey Association says their proposed regulations will give producers “greater clarity and flexibility,” to produce the spirit. The regulation will do away with numbers on whiskey labels and in brand names. Additionally, the IWA wants to remove numbers from promotion and advertising. They worry that using numbers in labels or other packaging will result in confusion on the part of the consumer. For instance, they don’t want a consumer to see a number on a bottle and assume that it reflects the age or distilling date of the spirit.

It looks like the IWA would be fine with a label that clearly states that the whiskey was aged for a certain number of years. That’s information that many serious whiskey drinkers like to know. However, brands like Conor McGregor’s Proper No. 12 would not be allowed under the proposed regulations.

More About the Regulations that Might Impact Conor McGregor’s Brand

The Drinks Business points out that the 12 in Conor McGregor’s whiskey doesn’t refer to how old it is. Instead, it refers to the area code in Crumlin, McGregor’s hometown.

It makes sense that Conor McGregor would have to change his whiskey’s name if this new regulation goes into effect. Those who know about the brand will understand that its name is a reference to McGregor’s hometown. However, some may be led to believe that they’ve found a bargain on a 12-year-old Irish whiskey.

The IWA isn’t trying to horn in on Conor McGregor’s brand. Instead, they hope to preserve the “rich heritage and traditions” of Irish whiskey. The chair of IWA’s technical committee, Noel Sweeney, spoke about the proposed regulations. “Irish Whiskey’s status as a protected geographic indication has played a key role in driving the global revival of Irish Whiskey sales over recent years.”

He added that the proposed regulations “seek to provide greater clarity, efficiency, and flexibility to Irish Whiskey production processes in line with that heritage and traditions, while also promoting a more sustainable industry.”