Conor McGregor Slapped With Massive Lawsuit by Friend Over His Proper No. 12 Whiskey

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images)

A UFC friendship is apparently turning sour. Conor McGregor faces a lawsuit from a friend over unpaid proceeds from the sale of his Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey, according to the The Irish Independent.

Artem Lobov, a retired fighter and McGregor’s former training partner, is suing the UFC star for five percent of the proceeds from the brand. McGregor sold the whiskey to Proximo Spirits, which also owns Jose Cuervo, for $600 million.

Lobov says that the idea to create an Irish whiskey was his idea. He claims that McGregor initially wanted to sell a vodka. Lobov also argues that he was the one who put the deal together with the whiskey distillery.

“The selling point of my book will be the Proper 12 Whiskey story. A few people know, but this was actually my idea. I was the person who came up with the idea to do a whiskey for Conor,” Lobov told Talksport.

“Once the deal was ready, I went to Conor and I said, ‘Conor, I have the deal ready for you. This is going to be a billion-dollar deal, no messing here.’ I’m not sure if he took me seriously or not at the time with the billion dollars. We continued working on it and as you can see it was a massive success. I’m really happy to see that and I’m really happy to be a part of it.”

McGregor reportedly offered Lobov $1 million but he refused it.

Conor McGregor Looks Jacked in Latest Photo

Conor McGregor set social media ablaze earlier in the week, posting a new shirtless photo. He looks absolutely jacked in the photo, stirring up plenty of thoughts on Twitter.

Along with the photo, the UFC star captioned the tweet by saying, “Don’t be scared homie.”

Fans had mixed reactions about how McGregor looked in the photo. Some commented only on his fitness while others are still getting used to the clean-shaven look.

“Not one of his fans, but now he’s ready for another fight,” one UFC fan said. Another seemed to be a little skeptical of his look, saying, “This ain’t right.”

One Twitter user added, “please grow back the beard.”