Conor McGregor Teases Buying Major Soccer Team Amid ‘Super League’ Controversy

by Matthew Wilson

Conor McGregor may be leaving fighting and the ring for a different sport entirely. The athlete teased he may buy a major soccer team. Could Manchester United have a new owner? Well, it certainly would if McGregor had his way.

McGregor’s interest in the team comes at a strange time for soccer. Several English and European teams conspired to break away from the soccer norms and create a Super League. The announcement has been controversial, to say the least.

On Twitter, McGregor expressed his interest to followers. He wrote, “Hey guys, I’m thinking about buying Manchester United! What do you think?”

McGregor would certainly need a lot of money or/and more than a couple of fellow investors. According to Forbes, Manchester United has an estimated cost of worth $4.2 billion. It also costs $167 million to run as well. Meanwhile, McGregor has a net worth of around $120 million. No one would dare say the athlete isn’t vastly rich. But there’s a big difference between $4.2 billion and $120 million.

Conor McGregor and Manchester United ‘Super League’

Conor McGregor’s interest in the sport comes at an interesting time. Maybe, the athlete is trying to use the chaos surrounding the support to turn a few heads. Manchester United was one of several teams looking to break away and form the Super League.

The formation of the organization appeared to be a done deal a few days ago. But after backlash and pressure from fans, six English teams have reneged on the deal. The teams were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Tottenham. Their departure has thrown the entire proposed league into a bit of limbo. It remains to be seen how things may shake out there.

But perhaps a little chaos is all that McGregor needs. Additionally, Manchester United recently said goodbye to Ed Woodward, their executive vice-chairman who resigned.

“I am extremely proud to have served United and it has been an honor to work for the world’s greatest football club for the past 16 years,” Woodward said in a statement. “The club is well-positioned for the future and it will be difficult to walk away at the end of the year.”

So, perhaps McGregor is just poking fun at the current state of soccer. But the fighter may be serious about the inquiry. Perhaps, McGregor plans to partner with other investors to buy the organization. Currently, the Glazer family owns the team. McGregor has made a career off doing the unexpected.