Cooper Kupp, Other NFL Stars Speak Out Against Turf Fields Amid ‘Age-Old’ Debate

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Add Cooper Kupp to the list of NFL players wanting to play on grass surfaces. The Los Angeles Rams wide receiver spoke out on the issue on Saturday.

Recently, there’s been a debate about whether or not NFL games should be played on grass surfaces or artificial turf. Kupp chimed in with his opinion on Twitter, saying it’s time for there to be some open dialogue.

“I believe that we — and all teams — should be playing on grass,” Kupp said. “This is an age-old issue, and I believe the time to address the problem is now! Let’s have the conversation.”

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert shared some data regarding injuries on artificial turf vs. grass since 2018. Statistically, there’s little-to-no difference in non-contact injuries to lower extremities on the different surfaces.

Obviously, changes won’t be made mid-season. But it’s something for the league to consider, especially with so many players speaking up on the issue. Kupp was just the latest.

Other NFL Players Speak Up on Turf Issue

While the data doesn’t necessarily favor one playing surface over the other in regard to injury, players are still adamant that grass is safer. Several in the NFL have taken to social media to voice their thoughts recently.

One of Kupp’s teammates, Nick Scott, commented on the situation.

“The data is clear and the NFL agrees: Slit film synthetic surface is bad for players, and there is a higher injury rate than on grass or any other synthetic surface,” Scott wrote.

Comments aren’t just coming out of L.A.

“We know the data – our union and the league agree that we should eliminate slit film turf,” said Dallas Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz. “The NFL isn’t willing to mandate this change, so we as players are going to keep talking about this issue until it changes.”

Will this be something the NFL evaluates and discusses in the offseason? If player safety is truly at the forefront, there will at least be some sort of conversation.