Coors Selling Weighted Hoodie to Ease the Stress for Football Fans

by Clayton Edwards

Football season can be a stressful time for players and fans alike. Do you get the jitters while watching the pregame show? Do your nerves get jangled before watching a big game? Well, the folks at Coors have you covered. Recently, they started selling a weighted hoodie that will help ease the anxiety of watching football this fall.

 First of all, let’s look at how watching football can cause a spike in anxiety. We’ve all seen it happen. Heck, most of us have experienced it. How many times have you cheered from the couch after a game-winning touchdown? On the other hand, who hasn’t yelled at their team’s quarterback for playing like a bum after a fumble? That isn’t just being a superfan. It’s science and the folks at Coors know that.

Michael Grabowski, Ph.D., told NBC News “A few studies have shown that sports fans can have intense anxiety,” while watching a game. In fact, they can experience what is called somatic anxiety, which is the body’s physical response to stress. Things like butterflies in your stomach and sweating are great examples of this. To put it as simply as possible, when things are going well for your team, your brain produces dopamine. Dopamine makes you happy. On the other hand, when things are going poorly on the field, your brain produces cortisol. That neurotransmitter is commonly called “the stress hormone,” and basically tells your body to switch on the stress responses. Coors’ new weighted hoodie helps to combat this game-day anxiety.

You can pick one of Coors’ calming hoodies on their website. It’ll cost you about $149. However, it might be worth it. The hoodies come in classic Colorado Kool-Aid colors and are available in sizes up to XXL.

How Coors’ New Hoodies Work

Coors’ new hoodies work on the same principle as weighted blankets. The cozy fabric that lines the inside of the jackets is just the beginning. The real magic science is in how the weight can help you stay cool when things heat up.

According to Penn Medicine, when you’re stressed your heart beats too rapidly. So, lowering your heart rate is essential in getting your anxiety under control. Weighted blankets, as well as Coors’ weighted hoodie, can help with this. The weight stimulates the same brain function as being wrapped in a warm hug from a loved one. We all know there are few things in this world more calming than that.

While a good, long hug and a weighted garment are very different, the effect is the same. The weight engages your parasympathetic nervous system and slowly lowers your heart rate. As a result, you feel a sense of calm.

If you can’t see yourself dropping over a hundred bucks on a hoodie, racks of Coors and Coors Light are still pretty affordable.