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Could Jimmy Fallon Be Mastermind Behind Baker Mayfield’s Recent Funny Interview?

by Atlanta Northcutt
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield has dropped rhymes during previous post-game pressers. Following this weekend’s loss, he referenced Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson. Jimmy Fallon has claimed to be involved in previous NFL player’s goofy interviews, and now, fans are eager to know if he may be the mastermind behind Baker Mayfield’s most recent funny response.

The Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon is behind the “Drop It In” segment, challenging several NFL players to add random quotes and lines into their answers. Fans are wondering if the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback is a frequent target of Fallon’s, or if he is just a comedian behind the mic.

Mayfield Hates Skim Milk More than Missing Throws

Following this weekend’s loss, Mayfield quoted Parks and Recreation in connection to things he hates more than missing passing.

“I really feel like we left a lot of points on the board. I truly do. There was a ton of missed opportunities from my perspective. A lot of missed throws. One of the two things I hate more than missing throws is lying and skim milk, and skim milk is just water lying about being milk so we’ve got to make those throws,” says Mayfield without missing a beat.

The quote, of course, is from Parks and Recreation’s iconic boss Ron Swanson. He hates skim milk more than lying, he says.

Baker Mayfield’s Spitting Rhymes and Rapping Lines

Mayfield has recently incorporated rap lyrics into his press conference answers, so this new sit-com quote is nothing out of the ordinary. He has recited lyrics from Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg in the past, though it’s unclear whether the references are dares from outside sources or quotes that naturally flow from Mayfield.

“We had a ton of guys step up,” says Mayfield. “They knew Miles’ was out. They knew they had to get funky on the field and just like an old batch of collard greens.” The quote is from a Snoop Dogg song.

Another remark includes lyrics by rapper Lil Wayne. “Miles took the approach that real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” adds Baker.

Mayfield responds to another question by quoting lyrics from rapper DMX’s song. “The first quarter [is] stop, drop, shut ’em down, open up shop,” he says. “Oh no, that’s just how ruff ryders roll.”

Jimmy Fallon’s Involvement in NFL Interviews

Fallon recently shared a video showing several other football players responding with odd answers in their interviews. With Mayfield’s frequent use of rap lyrics, and now, a quote from a sitcom, fans are wondering if Fallon has anything to do with these responses. Could these references be creations of Jimmy Fallon’s mastermind, or is Mayfield is simply coming up with the allusions off the cuff?

Now, many are drawing a connection between the two humorous celebs.

Another thinks that it wasn’t Fallon behind the jokes, but that Mayfield wants to appear on the show. This user thinks Baker Mayfield’s humorous interviews are a ploy to appear on the talk show.

Whatever the reason behind the creative references and wording, fans are loving both Jimmy Fallon and Baker Mayfield’s jokes. Keep the random press conferences coming, please!