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Could Tom Brady Have Taken His Final Snap as an NFL Quarterback?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Of course, as soon as the game ended tonight, everyone was thinking, “Will this be the last time we see Tom Brady in the NFL?”

After a career spanning two decades, it is time to start thinking that Brady might go off into the sunset. However, he just played a full season, with an extended schedule for the first time, and had a very good year. He took snaps at 44 years old this season, why not 45 next season?

Tom Brady is a rare athlete. However, even he can’t outrun Father Time. As folks in the NFL, fans, and almost surely Brady himself think about the future, we do have some recent quotes to look back on. Retirement has been the talk at the end of every Brady season for the last six years or so. However, each year he stays in the NFL, the talk gets louder and louder.

Things almost seemed like they were aligning once again. Another unreal and seldom seen comeback win was in the making. From down 27-3 to tie it all up at 27 in the fourth quarter, and then…failing to make it happen. Brady and the Bucs fell 30-27 and are going to be thinking about what could have been.

After the game, Brady spoke to the media. During that presser, he didn’t say much about retirement, but he wasn’t as emphatic about returning as he had been in the past. All he said about retirement was, “I haven’t put a lot of thought into it. I’ll just take it day by day. And we’ll see.”

If Tom Brady does return, it will likely be business as usual once more. He has proven that he is timeless and can keep going as long as a team wants him to take snaps.

Tom Brady’s TB12 Sports Released Statement

Now, this isn’t an official statement from Tom Brady. However, it is a tweet that came from his company, TB12 Sports. Shortly after the loss on the field, the tweet went out. Could it have some insight into what Brady is thinking moving forward?

“You win or you learn,” the tweet reads. “There are no failures, only lessons. When you fall you need to pick yourself up with greater enthusiasm than you went down. Now we look back on an incredible season, learn our lessons, and get up… because even greater things are coming.”

Now, I have no inside information. However, I don’t think Tom Brady is ready to leave on a low note like this. Perhaps if he had made it to another Super Bowl this season win or lose, he could go out with his head up. However, it feels like he might want to come back and try to have a season that ends up with a Conference Championship at least.