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Country Throwback: Shania Twain Nails ‘Barracuda’ Cover in 1988 Before Rise to Fame

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images)

When someone thinks of Shania Twain, then country music singer usually pops up, too. But rock-and-roll singer? Hold on a second.

It might be a stretch of the imagination to see or hear Twain singing Pat Benatar or Heart songs. Yet everyone has to start somewhere and that’s where she started her on-stage education.

Twain, back in the 1980s, sang in casinos across Canada to not only get experience but get on someone’s radar in the music industry. She would sing “Heartbreaker” or “Promises In The Dark,” among other Benatar hits. Also, a big part of her act was songs from Heart, including “Crazy On You” and “Barracuda.”

One place where Shania Twain worked steadily during this time was the Deerhurst Resort, located in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. It was during one of her shows that she was recorded singing “Barracuda.” Her searing voice hits those night notes usually connected with Heart singer Nancy Wilson.

Twain performs the song with gusto. Here’s Twain singing “Barracuda” from 1988.

Shania Twain Gives Fans Documentary About Big Album

In recent years, Twain has been performing within the confines of a Las Vegas residency. That’s nothing new as a lot of country music acts (and rock music acts, too) have been setting up shop for extended stays.

There was a time when she was actively touring around the world. She released her second studio album, “The Woman In Me,” back in 1995. To honor that time in her career and life, Shania Twain put together a documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of that album. It gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at making the album. It also shows glimpses of her life at the time.

“The Woman in Me” was Twain’s biggest selling album at the time. Her debut album was considered a commercial failure, yet she got a foothold in country music. That first album gave her a second chance and, well, she took full advantage of it.

The album sold four million copies at the time of its release and, in 2000, was up to 12 million worldwide.

One could say that Twain did a good job rebounding from that first record. Her career continued to take off after “The Woman In Me” came out and it’s still influencing artists and fans alike.

Here’s a look back on the album and her career, led by Twain herself.