Cowboys Fans Can’t Believe ‘Embarrassing’ First Half Performance During NFL Sunday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Sorry Cowboys fans, this might be the end of the Cooper Rush undefeated record. The Philadelphia Eagles put it to Dallas in the first half. The NFL Sunday Night Football prime-time matchup was a little one-sided to start off.

With the less-than-stellar first half, Cowboys fans were looking for answers. Unfortunately, there didn’t appear to be any. While the team is 4-0 under backup QB Rush, they probably didn’t want to see it end like this. Granted, not many saw them being in this position after Dak Prescott went down.

When your quarterback is 3/10 for 16 yards and has two interceptions – you start to get a little nervous about your team’s chances. Dallas fans are not doing great right now.

Cowboys Fans Are Going Through It

With their team down in a bad way, Cowboys fans didn’t know what to do but turned to social media and voice their frustrations. The Dallas faithful were ready for this game coming in, but now that it’s here they are a little worried about the offensive performance.

I mean, it would help if it was anyone but the Eagles doing this to them.

When that second interception was thrown, it felt like the game was over for some fans. The Eagles have a great offense and you can’t give them more possessions than necessary. When that happens, they put up points in a hurry.

After throwing for no touchdowns and two turnovers in the first half, fans were just beside themselves.

This is what I like to see. More conspiracies against the NFL! Fans are always thinking that big brother is out to get their team. From college to pros. It’s fun to think and it gives you a reason to blame someone other than your favorite team and players.

A touchdown pass was overturned at the end of the first half and the Cowboys had to settle for just a field goal. Tough break.