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Cowboys, Giants Thanksgiving Day Game Breaks NFL Regular Season Record for Viewership

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

In case you thought that it was any other way, the NFL still dominates ratings. Cowboys-Giants on Thanksgiving was a regular season record. 42 million people tuned in to watch the Dallas Cowboys win 28-20 over the New York Giants. This game is usually the most viewed of the regular season, but this year the ratings were through the roof.

As far as non-playoff and Super Bowl games are considered, Thanksgiving Day is when the NFL shines the brightest. Traditions of family gatherings and bitter rivals coming together for the holiday. It provides an atmosphere like no other.

That means the NFL rakes in viewers on Thanksgiving. That 4:30 game is the crown jewel, though. This year’s edition of the game had a little more interest due to the fact it was Dallas and New York. What made it even better was the fact both teams entered with a winning record and playoff position on the line.

Previously, the record for regular season views came in 1990. The San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants faced off then to a crowd of 41.474 million, according to Pro Football Talk. Just last year the Cowboys pulled in more than 40 million viewers.

No other live television event can compete with the NFL. This game doesn’t even hold a candle to what the Super Bowl will end up pulling. Imagine if the Cowboys make it to the big game.

Earlier in the day on Thanksgiving, the Bills and Lions game was able to pick up 41.98 million viewers. The NFL is king on TV.

Dallas Cowboys Steal the Show on Thanksgiving

During the Cowboys and Giants game on Thanksgiving, it went back and forth. This was exactly what everyone wanted when they sat down with the family to watch the game. Thursday Night Football has been a bit cursed this season. A little Thanksgiving magic made all that go away.

One of the best parts of the Dallas game on Turkey Day has to be the Salvation Army kettle celebration. Players have hopped in and danced around and done a lot with the kettle. For Cowboys fans, there was a lot to be thankful for after the game.

When your team pulls out a win on Thanksgiving, it’s a big deal. When you do it as one of the best teams in the league, with Super Bowl aspirations – it makes the season so much more exciting.