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Cowboys Legend Jason Witten Speaks on Historic Army-Navy Rivalry: ‘They’re True Heroes’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)

Hours before the annual Army-Navy game, Dallas Cowboys legend Jason Witten spoke about the historical rivalry between the military academies. 

While chatting with NFL Hall of Famer, Brian Dawkins and FOX News Digital, Jason Witten spoke about the upcoming game and what it means to him. “I don’t know that there’s anything that we have with our young athletes and just our young military members that kinda exemplifies the togetherness and the brotherhood and camaraderie like this game does,” Witten stated. “Certainly, this is competitive football. Great programs. But ultimately, we realize as professional athletes, as fans watching the game, football’s just a small piece of this.”

Jason Witten then pointed out that for the servicemen to put their lives on the line and compete shows sportsmanship. Something he believes is a great message for the entire country to be unified. “Let’s celebrate these athletes,” he continued. “Let’s celebrate both West Point and the Naval Academy and cheer them on.” 

Jason Witten further explained that there are “true heroes” on both teams. “These young men that are going to go out there and play the game, these young people that are going to be on the field before and celebrating our country. Man, they’re true heroes, and we need to honor them that way. It’s awesome to see the game of football, one we all love, kinda bridge that gap between the two. It’s really a special moment.”

Jason Witten Discusses The Different Points of Views He Has For the Army-Navy Game

Jason Witten further explained to the media outlet that he sees the game from a different point of view as a head coach for Argyle, Texas’ Liberty Christian School.

“From a player’s perspective, you’re looking at it in a different regard, looking at matchups, stems, and routes,” Witten said. “When you become a coach, you really pull back and take a bird’s eye view. Certainly the football piece I’m really intrigued by. These kids can have so much on their plate day-to-day from a school standpoint, from an academy standpoint and still play the game at such a high level. I have the utmost respect for them.”

Dawkins also spoke about the game. “The thing about it is we look at it from a football perspective, absolutely,” he stated. “But for those of us who understand the significance of our military, we recognize that they do a whole lot more than just play on the gridiron and go against each other and battle each other. They do a whole lot more for the country itself. That’s pretty much the greatest reason why it’s ‘America’s Game.”

Dawkins went on to add that it is a “blessing” to work with Jason Witten as well as USAA, which was gifting vehicles to military families prior to the game.