Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Unleashes on Packers Over Aaron Rodgers Treatment

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Following the Packer’s latest loss against the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys legend and Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin called out the Green Bay team for lack of support towards Aaron Rodgers

During ESPN’s First Take on Monday (October 31st), Michael Irvin ranted about the Green Bay Packers’ fourth straight loss and for doing away with Davante Adams, who was considered Rodgers’ “best weapon.” 

“I’m starting to really believe there’s something here,” Michael Irvin declared. “You go back-to-back MVPs… This dude went back-to-back MVPs and you take away his best target. You’re playing a guy like Josh Allen, [the Bills are] all in on Josh Allen. They went and got him players. They went and got home Stefan Diggs and then Gabe Davis. I don’t see [the Packers] doing the same for Aaron Rodgers.”

Michael Irvin then said he was starting to think there is some conspiracy theory about the team’s lack of support for Rodgers. “He’s coming off of back-to-back MVPs. How are we going to minimize a back-to-back MVP [winner]? It’s something personal going on in Green Bay. I’m just saying, there’s no way you get this guy and you put him in that situation. … I don’t know how they came into this season thinking that they got the back-to-back MVP and what they gave him is good enough.”

Michael Irvin went on to add, “I knew the Packers were going to have a tough go, but no one expected them to be here at this place right now with what they look like on the football field.”

Michael Irvin’s Comments Follow Aaron Rodgers Venting About the Packers’ Performance

Fox News reports that Michael Irvin’s comments follow the Packers’ fourth straight loss for the first time since 2016. Rodgers, who is no stranger to unleashing his frustration, had some thoughts. “We’ve got to help our defense out a little better early in the game,” he stated. “When we went on a run back in ’16, we started those games faster so we could play more one-dimensionally on defense. We just haven’t done that.”

Rodgers also said that the team continues to struggle with mental errors or missed assignments. “Some weeks you have like four, two sometimes. This season there’s a lot more of that every single week. It’s double digits every single week. Even on the game, we had like 50 plays or something — there wasn’t a ton of plays, they had 37 minutes time of possession — a lot of mistakes.”

 NBC Sports sideline reporter Melissa Stark revealed exactly what Rodgers said prior to the match-up against the Buffalo Bills. “He told us, ‘I felt like Captain Obvious. Everyone needs to do their job better,” Rodgers reportedly stated.