Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Trolled for Not Being Able to Figure Out How to Snap Selfie: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images) (Set Number: X163816 TK1)

As if you needed another reason to poke fun at the Cowboys, the NFL team’s owner Jerry Jones is catching serious flack on social media for not knowing how to take a selfie. Check out the clip below as Jones struggles hardcore to capture a good angle and hit the camera button simultaneously.

The clip features Jones, 79, standing in front of a crew of excited Cowboys fans, some wearing or holding up jerseys while others donned hats boasting the team’s logo for the photo.

Meanwhile, Jones, dressed in a formal suit, light blue button-up shirt, and striped tie, also lost points (in my opinion) for committing one of the most taboo fashion crimes ever. As if the failed selfie didn’t attract enough criticism, Jones decided to pair a charcoal-colored suit with a worn brown leather belt. Talk about cringe.

Football fans took to the comments beneath the clip, absolutely blasting Jones.

“He has a selfie guy on the payroll,” one Twitter user commented. In truth, the full clip does see another professionally dressed man step in to help Jones take the selfie. A second fan harshly quipped, “A gorilla would have a better shot.”

Cowboys fans continued to slam Jerry Jones, recalling similar incidents in the past. Aside from his lack of selfie skills, others recalled the time Jones was spotted having another man clean his glasses for him.

“This isn’t surprising,” one commenter added. “The man can’t clean his own glasses.”

Jerry Jones Hysterical on Live Radio After Cowboys Fan Rides Horse Into Walmart

Despite that he can’t take a selfie or, seemingly, color-coordinate his suits, Jerry Jones was in a lighthearted mood during a recent radio appearance where he not only touched on some of the Cowboys’ recent gains and provided his insight for the season ahead but also reacted hysterically to a video of one of the team’s fans riding a horse into a Walmart.

The ridiculous footage sees the Cowboys fan atop a tall white horse with its mane and tail dyed blue and a unicorn horn protruding from its head. The video, already ridiculous as the horse clops up and down Walmart’s aisles is even funnier as the man goes to check out at the store on horseback.

Reacting to the footage of the Cowboys fan, Jerry Jones laughed, “Hey, hey, I can’t tell you—I’ve literally been on a horse inside before. And it’s a dicey thing because if that horse gets to slippin’ and slidin’ and kickin’, it’s a mess.”

Thinking about the selfie incident with the Cowboys fans above, we sure hope Jerry Jones is a better horseman than he is a cameraman. If not, he’ll certainly be doomed if he ever finds himself horseback in a Walmart.