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Cris Collinsworth Awkwardly Corrects Himself When Talking About Tua Tagovailoa Getting ‘Knocked Out’

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Michael Zagaris/Getty Images)

Sunday Night Football announcer Cris Collinsworth set himself up for an awkward moment when he had to correct himself while talking about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa getting “knocked out” for a second time this season.

As the Dolphins unsuccesfully tried to to make a comeback against the Chargers on Sunday night, the quarterback took off from the pocket looking to pick up a first down on the run. It was an aggressive play from Tagovailoa, one that according to Outkick, Collinsworth seemed to simaltaneously applaud and question.

Cris Collinsworth Misspeaks About Tua Tagovailoa Being Knocked Out Twice This Year

“Watch this one, for a guy who’s been knocked out twice this season with concussions,” Collinsworth said. “He’s going to get to that spot, try and split these defenders. Put his head down, and pick up a first down. That’s a guy who’s playing to put his team in a position to win a Super Bowl.”

As the NBC broadcast cut back from commercial, the longtime announcer clarified his comments about the bright young football star.

“I think earlier I said that Tua had been knocked out in two different games. He was knocked out of two different games. Officially he was not knocked out of the first one. He was in the second one against Cincinnati four days later,” Collinsworth said.

The Comments Put Focus Back On Previous Concussion Controversy

The original comment is an indication that Cris Collinsworth believes that Tua Tagovailoa did indeed suffer a concussion against the Buffalo Bills earlier this year. Tagovailoa briefly exited that game after bouncing his head off the turf and struggling to get back on his feet. Despite exhibiting concussion symptoms, the QB returned to the field and finished off a big win.

Tagovailoa then returned to the field just 4 days later for a Thursday Night matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. Tua again went down after throwing a pass, slamming his head against the turf. It quickly turned into a scary situation, as his body appeared to seize up. He was then carted off the field on a stretcher.

The traumatizing scene opened up criticism of how the team handled his injury the week prior. Although the Dolphin’s head coach defended how the situation was handled, others disagreed. The NFL Players Association even went so far as to fire one of the doctors who cleared him to return to the field after the first apparent head injury. Though some medical experts encouraged him to give up the game for good, Tagovailoa defended his decision to return to the field after clearing concussion protocol.

As the Dolphins continue fighting for an NFL playoff spot, the dual-threat QB is likely to keep taking hits as he tries to lead his team to victory. As long as Tua is getting hit then folks will likely keep discussing the controversy surrounding his head injuries.