Cris Collinsworth Reveals Why His Iconic Slide Disappeared

by Sean Griffin

This year, the NFL‘s Sunday Night Football switched things up, as Al Michaels took over the Thursday Night Slot with Amazon Prime Video, and Mike Tirico filled Michaels’ vacated spot. Tirico and color commentator Cris Collinsworth have had tremendous chemistry so far, but there’s one noticeable thing missing from SNF now that Michaels is gone: Collinsworth’s iconic slide-in intro.

During an appearance on Up & Adams with Kay Adams, Cris Collinsworth talked at length about how the slide was born and why we haven’t seen it this season.

In the clip, Cris Collinsworth explains how Michaels used to film a long introduction that enabled the iconic slide move to take place. Now that Tirico has filled in, things have changed.

You can watch the clip below to get Collinsworth’s hilarious take on the slide and how it came about.

Many fans are wondering whether Collinsworth will create a new intro with Mike Tirico. Some want the slide to be brought back.

“Kay thank you for asking the truly important questions,” one user wrote. “Too sad to see the slide go.”

“BRING BACK THE SLIDE CRIS!!!!” another person wrote.

“Epic!!” another person said about Collinsworth’s story. “Still feels weird not hearing @CollinsworthPFF and Al together.”

It’s safe to say the slide-in was a popular move with Sunday Night Football Fans. The broadcast returns to NBC next Sunday as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Denver Broncos.

Cris Collinsworth Cracks ‘Rude’ Joke About Melissa Stark on SNF, Blames His ‘Doppelgänger’

Cris Collinsworth made a joke aimed at new NBC sideline reporter Melissa Stark, who just joined the Sunday Night Football team.

The color commentator was in the booth alongside Mike Tirico in the Green Bay Packers 27-10 win over divisional foe Chicago Bears.

During the fourth quarter, the longtime analyst decided to make a joke about Stark not being punctual at work. She teased him back, calling the joke “rude,” and Collinsworth claimed it was his “doppelgänger” that had actually made the remark.

The hilarious exchange started when Mike Tirico pointed out that two clocks at Lambeau Field were set to different times. One clock inside the stadium featured the actual time, 10:06 p.m. CT. The other clock outside was set a few minutes ahead to 10:23 p.m. CT. This was a nod to the always-on-time Vince Lombardi, Green Bay’s legendary head coach.

However, when Mike Tirico finished his observation, Collinsworth spoke up.

“And here is Melissa Stark time right here,” drawing a yellow line over the clock that read 10:06. He didn’t explain the context of the joke, but it appeared to mean that she may often be tardy.

“So, you just get a little bonus time right there.”

Tirico then let out a big laugh.“That is unfair,” he said while Stark seemed confused by Collinsworth’s remark.

“Wait, what does that mean even mean?” she asked. “That is so rude.”

When Tirico asked if Stark has been late to work, she responded, “I’m the newbie to the group and I’m always on time.”