Cris Collinsworth’s Voice Has ‘Sunday Night Football’ Viewers Concerned

by Nick Geddes

If there was ever a time for Cris Collinsworth to take a sick day, tonight was the night.

We’re not sure if there’s an injured list for broadcasters, but if that does exist, the NBC color commentator is surely on it. Collinsworth is alongside play-by-play man Mike Tirico for “Sunday Night Football” between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys. Collinsworth’s voice is noticeably raspy — leading many to speculate that he is sick.

Collinsworth and Tirico addressed it at the top of the broadcast, with Collinsworth denying that he is sick.

“You feel fine, it’s just… two games, three days, red-eyes, a bunch of travel… my man’s playing hurt!” Tirico said.

Social Media Reacts to Cris Collinsworth’s Raspy Voice

Cris Collinsworth, 63, was on the call for the Buffalo Bills-Los Angeles Rams game on Thursday. Between the short time off and the travel from Los Angeles to Dallas, Cris Collinsworth simply doesn’t have his fastball. But he’s gutting it out, leading to many social media users to chime in on his gutsy performance.

Some were a bit brutal in their assessment of Collinsworth and his raspy voice. They agreed he should have taken a sick day and passed on the duties elsewhere. In Collinsworth’s defense, this is the 2022 “Sunday Night Football” debut after all. In Dallas. Jerry World. He wasn’t missing this for anything.