Curt Schilling’s Brittney Griner, Russia Detainment Comments Lighting up Social Media

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Late Sunday night, three-time World Series champion Curt Schilling shared his opinion on the Brittney Griner situation. The former MLB pitcher quote-tweeted LeBron James from six days earlier and told her to “OBEY THE F—ING LAW,” among other things:

Following Schilling’s tweet, other Twitter users chimed in. There were plenty of folks who supported his take:

“Why is our government acting like she did nothing wrong?” one asked.

“Pretty worldwide and obey the laws,” another said.

“The potential sentence for the crime is harsh, but their country, their rules,” one pointed out.

“If you’re not prepared to check your drugs, even prescription, you shouldn’t travel,” another said.

Some of these arguments make good points. Even if you are not aware of a law – if you break it, you break it. Ignorance is not a viable defense. Does Griner’s punishment fit her crime? Maybe, maybe not. If a Russian athlete broke the law in the United States, would they face a similar situation? Maybe, maybe not. But they are at least questions worth asking.

On the other side, many Twitter users stated their disagreement with – or just general distaste of – Schilling:

“You wouldn’t be ok with situation [sic] if you were in her position,” one pointed out.

“Schilling supports Russia instead of a fellow American. Sounds about right for him,” another sounded off.

And then “curt schilling we don’t care what you think” is always a classic.

Of course, @snaglepuss is referencing Schilling’s bankrupted video game company, 38 Studios. Ten years ago, he defaulted on millions in loans from the state of Rhode Island and never paid most of his employees.

Curt Schilling, Other Athletes Get Folks Fired Up About Brittney Griner

LeBron James got plenty of heat last week when a new trailer for his HBO show The Shop: Interrupted came out. He had a specific comment about Griner that did not sit well with many people.

In addition, Army serviceman and former mixed martial arts fighter Tim Kennedy found it “ironic” that Griner is asking for help now when she “protested her own government” during the 2020 WNBA season:

You know social media is always ready to jump on some hot takes.