Daffney Unger, Former WCW and TNA Wrestler, Dies at 46

by Amy Myers

The wrestler known as Daffney Unger was found dead Thursday morning at the age of 46. Unger was a World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action wrestler. The news of her death comes after the star posted concerning videos on Instagram.

Born Shannon Spruill, the star went by her stage name Daffney Unger as well as a few others, including Fake Sarah Palin, Lucy Furr, Shark Girl and The Governor. Over the course of her career, the wrestler competed in 77 matches, 26 of which resulting in wins.

Fellow wrestler, Lexie Fyfe, found Unger dead and came out with a statement to TMZ Sports regarding the loss of her close friend. She even stated that she and Unger considered each other sisters.

“We are very sad to have to announce the passing of Shannon Spruill aka Daffney Unger,” Fyfe shared. “We are posting this at the request of her family. Please respect their privacy at this trying time. I will miss you my logical sister from another mister.” 

Unger was a WCW star from 1999 to 2001, often adorning black outfits and matching makeup for her matches. One of her most popular matches was against a wrestler known as The Crowbar. Daffney Unger portrayed a slighted rival and fought against The Crowbar and Tammy Snatch. When the match ended, Unger was holding the championship belt. Fans often praised Unger for her dedication to her character while in the ring.

Daffney Unger Tells Instagram Followers She’s ‘All Alone’

Daffney Unger’s untimely death follows a disturbing video that she posted on Instagram yesterday evening. During a live broadcast, Unger told viewers, “Do you guys not understand that I’m all alone?”

New York Post reported that the former wrestling champ also held a pistol during the video. Unger also stated that researchers can only study brain injuries and CTEs after death, so she wanted to preserve her brain.

 “Remember, my brain goes to Boston,” she said. “Straight to Boston.”

Understandably, fans were concerned for Daffney Unger’s well-being and urged her to be safe. Shortly after, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful tweeted that emergency services were on their way to Unger’s last known address. WWE legend Mike Foley reached out to Twitter fans and reported that when he called Unger, the call went “straight to voicemail.”

 “If anyone has a way of reaching Daffney Unger, or knows her address, please help out,” Foley tweeted. “She’s in a bad personal place and is threatening to harm herself.”

Meanwhile, another wrestler, Velvet Sky, tweeted a photo of herself with Daffney Unger as well as an encouraging message.

“My girl @screamqueendaff is tough as nails! All my love to you,” Sky wrote. “You are never ever alone. SO many people love you!! You are going to be ok, love! You got this!!”